2013 Please be awesome : ))

013 awesome

2013 Please be awesome : ))

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that it will be a wonderful year, that it will be filled with love and laughter, that you will chase your dreams and have the courage to dream bigger ones. I hope that you will have much happiness and find moments of joy, and peace amongst the quiet ones; that you will always find hope in your heart, and that from time to time it will burst with gratitude for the life you are living. I wish you the strength to overcome the challenges you will face, and the wisdom to forgive yourself the mistakes we will all doubtless make. I hope that you will dare greatly, love deeply, adventure bravely, kiss sincerely and laugh insanely. I hope it will be a year of kindness and compassion for everyone, because really life is too short and too precious not to make room in our hearts for the stuff that really matters. I do hope that we will all make 2013 awesome for everyone, for all the right reasons! ♥ Blessings & stacks of love from me : )) Hxx

Goodbye 2012


Dear 2012,

You have been a year of my life, thank you. We have had fun, learnt a lot, made it through some difficulties, made some happy memories; and I am grateful. Admittedly there were times when I felt frustrated, impatient, disappointed and upset with you, as I struggled with the lessons I faced; yet on reflection I see that the choices I made in the circumstances you delivered were my responsibility, and have given me opportunities for growth and understanding. I’m sorry that I didn’t always appreciate the challenges you presented, and for all the moments when I failed to act in love, when fear and ego overcame me. Thank you for my human-ness to appreciate the beauty of forgiveness.

There were times when I have been over-whelmed by your generosity, surrounded by blessings when you were awesome fun, super-sweet, hilariously funny, incredibly kind and gently comforting; my gratitude is inexpressible in words so I pray my actions will demonstrate. We have discovered beauty in the most unlikely places and you have given me gifts of hope and love that I will cherish long after your departure. Thank you 2012, for shaping me a little closer towards the person I am becoming, and for all the wonderful experiences and the gorgeous people I have shared them with. I really appreciate you for being a chapter in my story, and look forward to 2013 with all the potential and possibility it promises.

Goodbye 2012 and thank you ❤ Blessings & love, Hxx

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Rise & Shine : ))

Rise & Shine

Rise & shine : ))

Today is your opportunity to shine, don’t let it slide! An amazing day is just waiting to happen, if you let it, so grab it, embrace it and celebrate this moment of your life! You can choose your thoughts, starting your day with a positive attitude puts you in a good position to make the best of every situation you may encounter. So DO start your day with a smile : )) I hope your day is as wonderful as you are (and you really ARE). Wishing you happiness, and don’t worry, you got this! ❤ Blessings & love, Hxx

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Good morning everyone! Today I woke late, drifting into consciousness from the dreamy depths, as I surfaced to the sound of the wind swirling round the house, with the TV ariel swaying against the chimney to mimic the sound of yacht rigging. I lay for a while to get my bearings in the gloomy half light, it’s a very grey day in London, making the comfort of the nest in which I woke more delicious than coffee, for a while at least. I slipped back into some dreams of the sea, those gentle lulling waves near the shore, feeling safe and secure yet free. I miss the beach, and as sleep slipped away like fine sand running through my hands, I visualized walks along some favourite shores I have visited before: (South beach, Miami; Three Arch Bay & Laguna, California; Legian, Bali; Palm beach & Avalon, Sydney; Cei bach, Llangrannog & Penbryn, Wales; and my Greek island ‘secrets’) but none of them seemed to know what I was looking for, and the wind continued to rage beyond the window, sending echoes down the chimney. The footprints in the sand may be washed away, but those in my heart are surely indelible.

Resigned to wakefulness eventually, I stretched my full length, pushing my toes into the cool brass of the bedstead, then twisting my spine before getting up to grab a robe and descend the stairs into the day ahead. I lit candles in the living room as the coffee machine spluttered into my favourite mug (a tall pink bistro latte cup, a gift from LS), and inhaled the aroma of eucalyptus, rose and sandalwood (Penhaligon’s Elixir) as I settled on the awesome sofa with my laptop. The trees bowed to the weather in the dark day beyond the windows, and I felt smug & snug for a while as I flicked through my emails, I am seriously bad at managing them and my inbox is over-flowing <sigh!>. After a hearty breakfast of porridge with pear and cinnamon, topped with Greek yoghurt and almonds, I’m craving fresh air, and since it’s not raining, I’m going to walk up the hill into the village, preparing to get windswept, to meet LS and catch up on festive news over tea and treats in our favourite deli. We may or may not check out some bargains in the sales, no purchases planned, but I’m not making any promises! I hope you have a fabulous Saturday whatever you’re up to, and that the Christmas spirit keeps you warm and happy if you’re in a cooler climate : )) ..and if you’re somewhere hot, please do send some sunny vibes in this direction! Blessings & love, Hxx


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Good morning perfect day!

today perfect

Today is a perfect day to start living your dreams..

Why wait? Till next year or next week, or whenever you think you might be ready? Today is the day, the sooner you start out in the right direction, the sooner you’ll get to your destination. Even baby steps, or just a change in attitude are a great place to begin, don’t wait for things to be perfect when you have a perfect opportunity to make a difference EVERY day! Believe, and start living the life you dream of ♥ Blessings & love, Hxx

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Good morning – 27th Dec 2012

tin houses

Good morning everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and made happy memories wrapped in love. This morning I woke late, and lay listening to the rain again; as it drummed on the roof and splashed in puddles. It has been a rather rainy Christmas here in London, which somehow makes it cosier inside as the spiced plum fragranced candles flicker amidst the decorations. We did get absolutely soaked on our Boxing Day walk yesterday, with wet hair plastered to our faces as the rain trickled down our necks and soaked our clothes, but it made the warmth of home and hot baths more appreciated. As dear ADS says ‘there is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing’ of which we were guilty.

Today when I eventually emerged from my cosy nest, I savoured the quiet as I sat on the awesome sofa, watching the rain bounce off the windowsill, wrapped around my steaming latte. I have had a relaxing few days and slept like an angel, feeling peaceful and content, so that now I feel rested and refreshed. I stretched and remembered some yoga LS has taught me, connecting with some forgotten and neglected parts of my body, opening my chest and testing my hamstrings. The rain continues to fall, steadily and persistently, but that’s absolutely fine with me as it’s a perfect day to head to the gym, and I’m looking forward to running along the beach in my head, as I plug into my ipod and sunny memories.

I hope that you have a beautiful day, whatever you’re up to and that the Christmas spirit continues to encourage you. Blessings & a whole heap of love ❤ Hxx

Good morning Christmas eve


Good morning everyone! Today I woke early, way too early (5ish) and lay in the darkness listening to the rain as it cascaded from the heavens, drumming on the roof and splashing in the puddles. There is something terribly soothing about the rain, especially in the dark, but more especially when you’re tucked up in a warm and cosy duvet with the cool side of the pillow that smells faintly of lavender. I listened and prayed, sending love to all of those I care about, and time ticked away, but sleep eluded me. After an hour or so I got up, wrapping up for coffee by candle light as I curled up on the sofa, inhaling the Christmassy fragrance of spiced plum, and watched the flickering flame illuminate the decorations. The decorations have been accumulated over the years, each carrying a memory of a Christmas past, or the person that gifted it, or the shopping trip I found it. I smiled at the clouds in my latte, savouring the peaceful moment, as if I have the world to myself whilst everyone else is sleeping. I thought about friends in different time zones, and realize that in parts of the world children will soon be getting ready for bed and waiting for Santa, my niece in Tokyo included. I smiled at the memories I have of my Dad trying to calm my sister and I as we lay in bed waiting for a glimpse, as the mince pie and brandy sat by the fireplace.

I ran a bath, laced with revitalizing oils of bergamot and juniper, writing a list to keep me on track (love a list!), folding laundry as the tub filled and wondering about friends in different time zones. Then I sank in the steamy deep pool of bliss to soak away the fatigue and let the oils work their magic. Precious moments of calm before the busy day I have waiting, visiting friends and the last minute preparations. So as I sit with my breakfast, watching the light change, waiting for sunrise, I’m wishing you a delightful Christmas eve, and hope that you find a few moments to reflect and savour it too ❤ Happy Christmas everyone! Blessings & love, Hxx

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Good morning wintry coziness


Good morning everyone! Today I woke late, it seems the chattering of the birds in the nearby trees infiltrated my dreams, to call me back to reality. Late starts have become habitual recently, the dark days and cold climate are so much easier to appreciate from the snuggled hug of the duvet, and listening to the rain in bed is one of my favourite things.

I think the winter is designed for resting, it’s a time for care and nurturing as we protect our health from the elements and an opportunity for creativity via reading, crafts, art, baking, letter writing, et al. I have enjoyed wholesome suppers with friends at home (mine or theirs) smiling at life’s twists and turns as we ponder the wintry events, and curling up to watch movies that take us on incredible journeys. I have spent time getting lost in books, and in the quiet moments found words in my heart that twist themselves into poetry, I’ve written letters and articles, been busy designing, and I have slept and dreamt.

The harshness of winter somehow makes me more appreciative of home comforts so easily taken for granted in the warmer seasons, and although nature seems to be dormant the bare branches of the trees remind me of their enduring resilience. As I walk on the heath, the grey skies and starkness belie the potential of resting energy, conserving strength for the leaves and buds that will appear spring. As I walk with the wind in my hair, tightly wrapped in my scarf with hands shoved deeply in warm pockets; I’m reminded that in life, as in nature, sometimes we have to slow down to let things happen, and I’m smiling patiently.

I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend, and that your Christmas plans are coming together nicely; I have just a few last minute shopping bits left, which I’m doing locally, and the house is decorated and stocked ready for hospitality. Warmest wishes with love & blessings ♥ Hxx

The hub of calmness


Imagine that the universe is a great spinning engine. You want to stay near the core of the thing – right in the hub of the wheel – not out at the edges where all the wild whirling takes place, where you can get frayed and crazy. The hub of calmness – that’s your heart. That’s where God lives within you. So stop looking for answers in the world. Just keep coming back to that center and you’ll always find peace. ~Elizabeth Gilbert

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17th December 2012

xmas decs

Good morning everyone! Today I woke late after a busy birthday weekend, drifting into Monday morning, slowly as wakefulness claimed me. I lay a while, enjoying a few moments to snuggle in that place in between, before stretching to greet the day with enthusiasm. It’s another gorgeous sunny start in London, with blue skies stretching as far as the eye can see, whilst the sunlight falls in shafts through the windows, illuminating the ordinary and making it beautiful. I snuggled up in the sunny spot on the sofa with my soy latte, quietly contemplating the day and my week ahead.

Being a December baby, and having the privilege of sharing my birthday with my Dad, we have an unwritten rule that Christmas plans and decorations can start once our birthday has been appreciated, to stop it becoming encompassed in the general festivities. As a child it meant I still felt my birthday was a special day for us, and as an adult it’s a good way to keep Christmas limited to a few precious weeks, rather than drag on and dilute its magic. So today at the top of my list is unearthing the Christmas decorations, and maybe a little Christmas shopping, and even possibly writing the stack of Christmas cards that sit waiting on my desk, as I get into the festive spirit.

Meanwhile it’s such a lovely day, the air is cool and crisp, with barely a breeze to stir the trees, and the sky is that delicious blue that I just want to fall in to! So I’m taking a walk up the hill into the village, to breathe in the season and appreciate the little things, I’m going to stop and admire the wreaths and decorations along the way, looking for mistletoe at the flower stall, and maybe enjoy a gingerbread reindeer at my favourite café. I hope that your Monday is beautiful too, and that you have time amongst the festive preparations to appreciate it the things that make it special for you ♥ Blessings & love, Hxx