Good morning – 27th Dec 2012

tin houses

Good morning everyone!! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and made happy memories wrapped in love. This morning I woke late, and lay listening to the rain again; as it drummed on the roof and splashed in puddles. It has been a rather rainy Christmas here in London, which somehow makes it cosier inside as the spiced plum fragranced candles flicker amidst the decorations. We did get absolutely soaked on our Boxing Day walk yesterday, with wet hair plastered to our faces as the rain trickled down our necks and soaked our clothes, but it made the warmth of home and hot baths more appreciated. As dear ADS says ‘there is no bad weather, just inappropriate clothing’ of which we were guilty.

Today when I eventually emerged from my cosy nest, I savoured the quiet as I sat on the awesome sofa, watching the rain bounce off the windowsill, wrapped around my steaming latte. I have had a relaxing few days and slept like an angel, feeling peaceful and content, so that now I feel rested and refreshed. I stretched and remembered some yoga LS has taught me, connecting with some forgotten and neglected parts of my body, opening my chest and testing my hamstrings. The rain continues to fall, steadily and persistently, but that’s absolutely fine with me as it’s a perfect day to head to the gym, and I’m looking forward to running along the beach in my head, as I plug into my ipod and sunny memories.

I hope that you have a beautiful day, whatever you’re up to and that the Christmas spirit continues to encourage you. Blessings & a whole heap of love ❤ Hxx

One thought on “Good morning – 27th Dec 2012

  1. Oohhhh Hayley! We have the most gorgeous winter wonderland here now. Last night gave us 10-15 cm of snow, or 5-6 inches, there abouts, and it’s beautiful! I am a huge fan of Winter and look forward to going out and hearing the snow squeak beneath my boots! I have the appropriate clothing! LOL! Now off to my favorite book store to check out the deals!

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