Good morning wintry coziness


Good morning everyone! Today I woke late, it seems the chattering of the birds in the nearby trees infiltrated my dreams, to call me back to reality. Late starts have become habitual recently, the dark days and cold climate are so much easier to appreciate from the snuggled hug of the duvet, and listening to the rain in bed is one of my favourite things.

I think the winter is designed for resting, it’s a time for care and nurturing as we protect our health from the elements and an opportunity for creativity via reading, crafts, art, baking, letter writing, et al. I have enjoyed wholesome suppers with friends at home (mine or theirs) smiling at life’s twists and turns as we ponder the wintry events, and curling up to watch movies that take us on incredible journeys. I have spent time getting lost in books, and in the quiet moments found words in my heart that twist themselves into poetry, I’ve written letters and articles, been busy designing, and I have slept and dreamt.

The harshness of winter somehow makes me more appreciative of home comforts so easily taken for granted in the warmer seasons, and although nature seems to be dormant the bare branches of the trees remind me of their enduring resilience. As I walk on the heath, the grey skies and starkness belie the potential of resting energy, conserving strength for the leaves and buds that will appear spring. As I walk with the wind in my hair, tightly wrapped in my scarf with hands shoved deeply in warm pockets; I’m reminded that in life, as in nature, sometimes we have to slow down to let things happen, and I’m smiling patiently.

I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend, and that your Christmas plans are coming together nicely; I have just a few last minute shopping bits left, which I’m doing locally, and the house is decorated and stocked ready for hospitality. Warmest wishes with love & blessings ♥ Hxx

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