Good morning 18.2.13

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One simple, positive thought in the morning can make such a difference to the day ahead of you. Maybe gratitude for something small, or just shrinking your worries by choosing a different perspective. There is always a reason to smile, find it early and enjoy it all day long! Happy Monday everyone!! ♥ Hxx

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Rise & Shine : ))

Rise & Shine

Rise & shine : ))

Today is your opportunity to shine, don’t let it slide! An amazing day is just waiting to happen, if you let it, so grab it, embrace it and celebrate this moment of your life! You can choose your thoughts, starting your day with a positive attitude puts you in a good position to make the best of every situation you may encounter. So DO start your day with a smile : )) I hope your day is as wonderful as you are (and you really ARE). Wishing you happiness, and don’t worry, you got this! ❤ Blessings & love, Hxx

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Good morning & a cup of wisdom

Happy Monday everyone!! : )) This morning I woke slowly drifting into consciousness, still feeling fatigued after a busy weekend and several consecutive late nights, and yet ready to embrace the structure and productivity of the weekday awaiting. I lay in bed noticing the thoughts that struck me; a change in direction and a shift in perspective, and I smiled as I stretched, feeling positive. I sent love to those I care about, before kicking off the duvet and descending the stairs in search of coffee. It’s a rather cloudy here start here in London, the bright, sunny blue skies of yesterday have been swept away for another cool, damp, day in November; but the wind ripples playfully through the leaves in the trees, that are hastily shedding, and it’s not currently raining.

I sat on the sofa with my latte, reflecting on the weekend; a theatre trip with my family, celebratory drinks, a delightful dinner and the pleasure of driving home through the quiet streets in the small hours, a beautiful walk on the Heath with a fellow alumni, catching up on years of our stories, and supper in the favourite bistro, always fun with charming company. So feeling blessed, I don’t mind the fatigue that stubbornly persists, and decide it’s a double latte kinda start to the week, indulging again as I review my list and plan my day. I’m focusing on alternative aspects of some projects I’m working on, and things feel fresh and exciting, as I pursue different avenues with renewed motivation.

I hope that your week starts well, and finds you smiling. Sometimes a simple shift in our view can have such a powerful effect on our attitude, and that’s what makes all the difference! Blessings & love, Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited.. but I’d love this mug for my morning cup of wisdom! : )) }