Good morning 18.2.13

cable sweater

One simple, positive thought in the morning can make such a difference to the day ahead of you. Maybe gratitude for something small, or just shrinking your worries by choosing a different perspective. There is always a reason to smile, find it early and enjoy it all day long! Happy Monday everyone!! ♥ Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited, via Pinterest}

Good morning, fading autumn.

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you have had a wonderful weekend, and that you feel rested and rejuvenated for the week ahead : )) It’s a cloudy day here in London, and the air is cool and still damp from the early rain. A few birds chatter outside my window, displaced it seems from the tree that now stands bare, her elegant branches stripped of the autumnal hues of the leaves she has shed. It’s quiet and peaceful as I sip my latte on the awesome sofa, just the gentle sound of the clock to remind me that time is ticking, and the day is passing, this day that will never come again. I smile at the paperwork beside me, half done, half to do; and it feels good to be in the middle rather than at the beginning, with the end in sight. It feels like a productive Monday already, and as the autumn plods into winter, this week of winding down with some work (nutritionists aren’t generally busy during the festive season), some other projects inspire me, especially after an encouraging afternoon yesterday, discussing some plans with friends.

I met my friend LS yesterday with every intention for a walk on the Heath, as the beautiful morning began to fade in the afternoon. Wrapped up appropriately against the looming clouds, I marched up the hill to meet her, yet got delayed in the village as a Christmas market filled the high street, and the narrow trajectory passageways left over from an earlier era. As I struggled through the thick crowds perusing homemade cake stands, and stalls of Christmas decorations, jewelry, knitted tea cosies, chocolate truffles, and natural hand creams; I called to explain my delay, so she came to meet me and we decided to take a quick turn around the event to see the live reindeer (yes visiting London from Lapland, and so-o cute), before we got caught in the festive spirits and abandoned our walk completely.

We met several friends unexpectedly, and stood chatting amidst mugs of mulled wine and frothy hot chocolates, smiling faces peeking between hats and scarves as children proudly brandished their prizes won at the fair. We live in an area popular with writers and thespians, so every now and then a familiar face in the crowd wouldn’t be someone we actually knew after all, but everyone was jolly and super-friendly. The Christmas lights were turned on as the darkness crept in, and we continued our festive spree, sitting snugly in a café, chatting about love, life, health and well-being, shared histories, careers, travels, plans, and reasons for living, as the evening displaced the afternoon, and the ferris wheel was packed up with the rest of the stalls, straw swept from the road, and gingerbread treats taken home. Then we said our goodbyes to old friends and new ones acquired, before tramping home in our different directions, feeling suddenly ready for the festive weeks ahead and smiling.

So this morning I’m cosy and snug as I address the work that didn’t get finished on Friday, and after a full weekend it feels like a good week ahead; I’ve decided to make it that way! I’m stretching my back, and breathing in deeply as I smile at the clouds beyond the window, reassured that the blue sky sits just above them. I do hope that this Monday feels positive and productive for you too, and that as autumn prepares to depart, you feel ready to embrace the winter season. Blessings & love, Hxx