Laguna Beach 24th June 2013


Today I had a slow start, waking to cloudy skies and a headache; both of which cleared quickly after an indulgent trip to the spa <sigh!>. Whilst I was there, just chilling and staying out of trouble, I received a text message from darling EF asking: “Do you want to go to Vegas on a private jet with my friend the pilot?” My reply: “Ummmmmm.. yeS!” So much for staying out of trouble! Well I was only telling her yesterday that I want to try something new every week, and make this summer a little adventure; I should have known I was asking for trouble telling her!

So I am going on a little jaunt, and if you happen to be in Vegas and would like to say ‘Hello’ it would be lovely to meet you! I arrive on Wednesday, depart on Friday, have a free schedule and apparently two charming gentlemen to keep me company! I feel so blessed, to have such lovely friends & such amazing generous opportunities; seriously though it’s wonderfully bizarre, I mean I couldn’t make this up if I tried!

Other things that made me smile today included: A huge coffee & pistachio gelato ice cream, a border collie puppy called ‘Dallas’ that I met on the beach, a homeless man’s toothless smile when I told him he was beautiful too, some Laguna art (poetry moulded in fence railings), a beautiful sunset, a text message from a friend at home, a phone call with a new friend here, the sand between my toes, and the feeling that my life is expanding again.

Life is a treat, I do hope that you are grabbing it with both hands too, and that something wonderful is waiting to surprise you! I am sure it is, we never know what’s around the corner! Keep your eyes, ears and hearts open! Hugs & love Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited at source, words by Hayley Darby © 2013}

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