Laguna Beach 1st July 2013

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Good night everyone, I have had another beautiful day in Laguna, spending the cloudy morning walking on the beach with dear EF catching up on our recent trips (She to Oklahoma, me to Vegas). Apparently the ‘June gloom’ (sea mists) didn’t get the memo that it was July today; but the clouds shifted this afternoon and after green juices at ‘The Stand’ and lunch on the patio, I pottered down to the beach to work hard on my tan. I had planned to read, and maybe even to work on the book I’m writing, but all good intentions went by the wayside when dolphins distracted me, as they leapt gracefully playing not far from the shore. So I spent some time contemplating all I have to be grateful for in this gorgeous corner of California, and then went to yoga, leaving my work waiting.

Suddenly it’s July 1st and I’m sitting here with my tea (chamomile & rose) wondering how the last 4 weeks of my stay here have flown by so quickly. I had decided that June was a month for me, time to relax and reflect; acclimatise, settle in to my new abode and take care of my body. I have enjoyed my morning coffees with the ocean, walks on the beach, yoga, pottering around the shops and art galleries, a trip to the spa and stopping to smell the jasmine. And then last week, for a complete contrast and change in scenery, I went to Vegas, Baby!

My dear friend EF suggested I take a trip on a private jet with a friend of hers who was re-positioning a Gulfstream 3 to Vegas.. and I said ‘yes!’, because seriously, who would say no?. So I hired a car, and possibly the bravest part of the whole adventure was driving myself to Burbank, through LA on the freeway; or ‘fearway’ as it’s affectionately termed. The motorways in the UK generally have 3 lanes in each direction, and they are fairly well adhered to as fast/med/slow lanes for overtaking; unlike the 6 lanes of the I-5 which happens to merge confusingly around the city. After sitting in traffic at a complete standstill a few miles from the airport, my iphone battery quickly died taking my GPS out of the equation, something I am not used to relying on. Thankfully I had remembered the names of the turn offs, and managed to find my way the good old-fashioned way (following the signs and stopping to ask people for directions) to arrive with minutes to spare, and meet my travelling companions, (for the first time too!)

So after my first drive on the freeway, I had my first experience of travelling in a private jet; and I do hope I get the chance to do the latter again, because I could certainly become accustomed to such sublime transport (the former being a given, traffic jams included!). The aircraft (a G3) was spacious and luxuriously furnished, and travels at speeds of up to 576 mph; although it’s almost a shame to cut the journey time short. We had dinner on board (steaks for the boys, and salad for me – deelish!) as we watched the desert roll smoothly beneath us. My companions pointed out several landmarks, energy centres, famous red rocks and crop circles en route, although what they grow in the middle of the desert I’m still not sure. I popped into the cockpit to chat to the pilots, and see their view too, then as we approached Vegas the aircraft circled round to give us a fabulous view of ‘the strip’ before landing smoothly and being whisked away directly off the tarmac to our hotel. If you ever require a chartered jet (various models); or any ground transportation service (limo’s, coaches, sedans or SUV’s) then I can’t recommend AmeriCharter highly enough! (Find more info at, and tell them I sent you!)

My first trip to Las Vegas was a blast, and I have to say a BIG thank you to the company I kept who made it such fun. The evening started with champagne cocktails whilst being serenaded by a giant frog, (whenever I hear Louis Armstrong’s Wonderful World, I will remember this rendition). We walked along the strip to admire the fountains at the Bellagio, popped into ‘Paris’ & ‘Venice’ (conveniently right next door to each other) and somehow managed to have the best view of the Hooter’s swimwear pageant from our hotel rooms; which the boys vehemently deny any prior knowledge of.. Hmmmm! We joined the pool party at Rehab, reclining in our cabana between water polo and trips down the waterslide; we got fabulous seats at a show, ate delicious gelato, and of course we had a little flutter on blackjack, celebrating our win with more champagne and smiling all the way home. Then on our departure day after a divine breakfast at Bouchon (at The Venetian) we made our way to the airport, checking in on a regular flight back to LA, not quite so decadent as our outward bound journey, but chilled and happy. If I return to Vegas, it will have a lot to live up to, but isn’t that the point of Vegas, Baby?

So you see, as I sat on the beach today I had a lot to be grateful for; which is possibly why I rushed to yoga and didn’t get much work done; but at least it gives me more to focus on tomorrow I hope that at least once in your lifetime you get a surprise opportunity arrive unexpectedly out of ‘nowhere’, and that you’re brave enough to say ‘yes’ and let life treat you too! Blessings & love, Hxx

{Photo: me boarding the G3, but seriously, don’t you think it suits me??!! ; )) Spoilt rotten and loved every minute Hxx; words by Hayley Darby ©2013}

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