Good morning 13.3.2013

windy morning

Good morning everyone!! Today I woke to the sound of the wind whipping ferociously around the house, and echoing down the chimney as the obscure dreams that somehow made perfect sense slipped from my memory. I lay for a while, snuggling into the duvet; the temperature in London has dropped again, we had a biting wind and snow yesterday. After a few moments of contemplating the day, I got up to feel the chill on my skin in the few steps it took to locate my robe, and wrapped up warmly in search of coffee. It’s a beautiful sunny spring morning, and although the trees sway, and the geraniums tremble on the window sill, some white fluffy clouds are suspended in a beautiful blue sky, and I can’t help but smile at them. Dappled sunlight awaits in the kitchen, and shadows of dancing branches are sketched across the courtyard as the coffee machine chuckles cheerfully. I curled up on the sofa with one of the cashmere blankets ADS gave me, and watched the changing sky as the clouds swiftly shifted across it.

March can be a tempestuous month, described in the rhyme as arriving like a lion, but leaving as a lamb; it certainly seems to struggle with an identity crisis, with a very changeable character, tough but nurturing. I like March, the promise of warmer weather is one thing, and the changing season with it’s playful wind that seems to sweep in and give life momentum, is very welcome. Change is often disruptive, uncomfortable, yet exciting, and it feels so good to be propelled away from stagnation, whatever direction it takes us. Spring is such an inspiring season, buds of hope starting to blossom, encouraging sunshine, a time for beginnings. I’m ready to embrace the changes I am facing, it feels as if I have been waiting for this opportunity to unfurl and stretch and seek some potential. Some of the changes I’m planning are bold and adventurous, others are daunting but necessary, and then there are those little things I’ve been meaning to get around to for ages, and feel the energy, time and motivation are present together, finally. So I’m preparing and planning, getting organized and making some space in my life for transformation; but I’m making room too, for chance, spontaneity and unexpected opportunities. March is blustery and unpredictable, so like the trees it helps when we’re flexible, withstanding the harshness of life, confident that the climate is improving. I hope that spring inspires you too, and that the winds of change are full of hope and happiness ♥ Blessings & love, Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited, via raysofthesun.tumblr}

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