Good morning everyone!! Today I was rudely awoken by the sound of some nearby construction work, which sawed through my dreams and hammered my thoughts into the present moment, as I tried to catch the falling memories. I pushed my head under the pillow, resisting wakefulness, searching for the answers to questions I had forgotten, before relenting and getting up in search of coffee. It’s a beautiful sunny start to the day in London, and as I drew back the curtains, I felt the warm light envelop me, smiling at the blue sky and the sparkling frost in the roof opposite, before bounding downstairs for breakfast.

I noticed myself stretching my neck as I waited for the coffee machine, and felt that the tension I’m used to carrying was unusually absent, as was the headache that often accompanies my waking. I perched on the window sill, smiling at the clouds in my coffee, I have made some changes recently and they definitely suit me. I have also been making time for yoga, returning to regular practice and exploring new classes, and am feeling the benefits enormously.

Sometimes, when we’re busy, we neglect our own needs, pushing them to the back of the queue as we juggle with work, responsibility and relationships; which slowly suffer as a consequence when stress seeps in to upset our equilibrium. ‘Busy’ is a term I’m not terribly fond of, since we all have the same number of hours, minutes and seconds per day as each other. We use the word/excuse when what we’re really describing are our priorities, and when we’re juggling too much, chances are we’re being neglectful in some aspect, if not several. So today I am embracing ‘less is more’ and focusing on the things that really matter, top of my list is brunch with my brother ☺

I wonder what’s keeping you busy, and whether it means you’re missing out on something more important? At least if you’ve read this far, maybe you’ll take a moment to reflect and consider it. Have a beautiful day, whatever you do! Blessings & love, namaste, Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited, via happilygrey.com}

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