Releasing realisations


Good morning everyone! Today I woke early feeling calm and sure of myself, noticing the absence of anxiety, despite the fact that the presentation I am nervous about delivering next week has been churning through my brain at every opportunity. I checked the time, before falling back into my pillows and wondering what had induced this feeling, and lack of worry. Then it dawned on me, I have made a decision, and I’m confident it’s the right one; somewhere in my dreams my subconscious had found some unavoidable answers, and I no longer clung to the questions. I stretched and let go of some ties that have bound me, shedding unnecessary aspirations, as I realized with a smile what no longer serves me. I sat with my latte on the awesome sofa, grateful for the clarity and the decisive direction now laying ahead of me.

It’s a grey, damp day in London, but as I walked over the road in search of an almond croissant to celebrate my lazy Sunday morning, you could probably glimpse the spring in my step if you were watching. I pulled apart the flaky pastry to reveal the sticky almond paste, as sugar dusting made a mess all over me. I savoured the croissant, and the morning, and knowing in my heart that I had made the right decision. It’s a beautiful day, and I have an exciting adventure in front of me; but meanwhile, I really must practice that scary presentation! I hope you have a beautiful day, whatever you’re doing, and that you don’t worry too much over unanswered questions. Things have a funny way of revealing themselves when they’re meant to, just trust your heart, and make sure you’re listening! Blessings & love, Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited, via Pinterest}

Sunny feelings

sofa view

Good morning everyone!! Today I woke early, swimming to the surface of a deep sleep, rising from the dark depths of oblivion towards the day awaiting. I lay for a while sifting through the thoughts that greeted me, before stretching my full length, and pushing my toes onto the cool brass of the bedstead. I’ve had an exhausting week, and could really have done with more sleep, but as soon as I noticed a slither of sunlight that sneaked through the curtains, I couldn’t stay in bed. I wrapped up I a robe and made my way downstairs to greet the day, opening the door, despite the chill, to breathe in the blue skies and all their potential. It’s certainly still winter in London, but on days like this I can smell the spring.

I lounged on the sofa with my latte, enjoying the sunny rays that spill through the window, sending shadows across the book cases. Some daffodils sit cheerily on the coffee table reminding me of places in my childhood, and the hope that spring carries. I stared at the sky and got lost in thought, about the directions I’ve chosen and the future I’m creating; and I realize as I write that I’m not sure that I want what I thought I wanted, anymore. I think that our dreams and aspirations are often focused on achievement, things that we choose because of the expectations of the way we will feel when we get them. This can easily lead to disappointment, even when we accomplish our goals, because we fail to meet the deeper desire of the feeling we expected to accompany them.

So this morning as I lay in the sunlight, I started to rewrite my future, focusing on the feelings I want to experience rather than the objectives I supposed would achieve them. Suddenly the direction is less important than the way I view things, and I recognise that choosing to dwell in the thoughts that feed or drain my energy is the key. So I’m focusing on feeding my soul today with thoughts that nourish me, it might not be spring quite yet, but it’s on the way and I’m feeling optimistic : )) Have a gorgeous day everyone, I hope you find the thoughts that lead you to the way you want to feel too. Blessings & love, Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited, via Pinterest}