Good morning 19.2.13

de clutter shoes

Good morning everyone!! Today I woke slowly, as the mists of sleep gently cleared and left me drifting on the pillow. I let my mind wander for a while, and found myself seeking paths to simplicity, trying again to let go of unanswerable questions. I stretched and breathed in deeply, hopeful for the day ahead. I have some projects I am keen to progress, so I threw back the duvet and headed downstairs in search of coffee.

It’s another sunny day in London, and it seems that more than warmth and light spill through the window to infuse the house with cheerful positivity. I’m inspired by the prospect of spring, and have a strong desire to clean the house, and clear out all the stuff that’s really just stuff, and make space for simplicity. I think that spring is a great time for cleansing our lives, it’s easier to discard the no longer useful when we are feeling hopeful and abundant, rather than clinging on to clutter, just in case we need it again. I think in the winter we cling to comforting possessions, like the layers we dress in, yet when the sun shines, the feeling of lightness and freedom is more tempting.

So today I’m armed with bin liners, one for the charity shop and one for rubbish, and a whole host of good intentions. It’s not just the material things that clutter up our lives, but sometimes it helps to start with the tangible, where we can appreciate that getting rid of the old makes room for the new. I think those things we keep that are no longer of use, are just our fears manifested through the insecurity that stops us releasing them. And fears, like the clothes at the back of the wardrobe, no longer fit or suit our current situation, so they just prevent space for growth and clarity. For once we remove all that ‘stuff’ that’s obscuring the view, we can focus on the important things and make an impact where it really matters.

So I am going to get busy, searching for simplicity amongst the ‘stuff’ and I’m letting go of the fears along with the memories. Where we have been (and what we wore) may have shaped our past, but we can redesign the future ahead of us, and I’m choosing an elegant style of simplicity, in much more than just my wardrobe! I hope you have a gorgeous day and I wonder what you will shed from your life to make room for new opportunities too? Blessings & love ♥ Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited, via Pinterest}

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