Spring inspiration

spring coffee

Good morning everyone!! Today I woke from a deep, sweet, sleep, finding myself curled up in the duvet amongst a plethora of pillows. I lay for a moment in my comfortable nest, as a hint of a dream evaporated rapidly, before stirring to start the day ahead with the thought of coffee. It’s a cold start here in London, and the chill in the air caught me as I threw back the covers, so I wrapped up quickly in something cosy, and made my way downstairs to find it’s snowing.

It’s a cold, wet snow that falls faster than it’s crispy counterpart, and although it sits prettily on the rooftops opposite, it seems too heavy for the trees, leaving their bare branches standing spiky and resilient. I lit a candle, and curled up with my latte as the fig fragrance filled the room, reminding me of places I would rather be. I smile at the cheerful daffodils on the coffee table, a promise that spring is coming, eventually. February finds me most impatient for summer’s return, and I find myself searching online for deals to far flung destinations, where the sun shines optimistically and beaches stretch further than my budget.

Still, it’s a good day to stay inside and be productive, so I remained on the sofa a while addressing emails and getting caught up in the start of the working week, as plans and ideas start to open like the buds of early spring flowers. I have some creative projects that have been on hold for a while, as I have been directing my energy down other avenues, but today I have a chance to resume that spark, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s snowing outside because in my mind it’s spring already! There is something consuming about the creative process that enables us to get lost in the moment. I find something keeps me anchored in the present as I work with my hands, absorbed in the flow, distracted from worries.. and the weather. So as the wind swirls the snow, which is now falling heavily, I’m wishing you a gorgeous day, whatever you’re up to, and hope some creativity inspires you!

Blessings & love, Hxx

{Picture sadly uncredited, via Pinterest}

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