Procrastination for breakfast


Good morning everyone! Today I was rudely awoken by some road works in my vicinity, that incessant pounding drilled into my thoughts as they dug up the pavement, leaving me feeling rather less than chirpy as I pushed my head under the pillows, searching for tranquility. I had promised myself a restful day after a rather full weekend, but on waking the list of things I really must do and numerous responsibilities flooded into my thinking, filling the void my disappearing dreams had recently inhabited. I tried in vain to find the threads that would lead me back to my reverie, to those feelings of acute understanding and clarity that elude me on waking. There’s some security in sleep, where somehow priorities fall magically into place and my head and heart seem to communicate without the perpetual arguments and mis-understanding that I notice on waking. But the dreams were gone, and the roadworks continued to rudely disturb my usually peaceful abode, so I wrapped up in a robe and made some coffee.

It’s a cloudy day in London, with that flat opaque light that isn’t terribly inspiring, but does provide a blank canvas upon which to draw the day on. Another sunny day would surely have tempted me away from my desk, and really I do have to make a dent in this list that I’ve been writing in my head since waking. Instead of my habitual sojourn on the sofa to check in with my heart as I sip my latte, today I headed straight to my desk, full of good intentions and plans of productivity.. and then I sat there staring out the window, wondering. Then I noticed a familiar feeling, paralysis by analysis, when there is so much to do that I can’t see the starting point, and even if I could I am worrying so much about the ending before I unravel the middle, whilst sitting in inertia.

A few deep breaths, and I have identified the most stressful project, the one where the good ideas drop into my head when I least expect them, but disappear when I’m ready to incorporate them. And I know that the best place to start is simply anywhere, just start, have faith and the road will open up in front of me.. so I’m going to stop procrastinating, and letting the morning get away, I’m going to grab it with both hands and write my thoughts; a rough draft, imperfect but full of good intentions, trying at least, and hopefully heading in the right direction, even if it does happen to be the scenic route : )) I hope that you’re having a happy Monday, and that your day unfolds beautifully, that you enjoy the process, and that every now and again you will breathe and appreciate your progress! Blessings & love ♥ Hxx

{PS. No, it’s not my desk in the picture.. but mine does have the same elements.. a Mac, scented candle, flowers (orchids) a starfish reminder, and a vision board.. that happens to rather more blue and watery : )) Picture uncredited, via Pinterest}

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