Snowy start

blonde snow

Good morning everyone! Today I woke late, feeling tired and not quite ready to release the sleep that had abandoned me unceremoniously, finding myself on the pillow fighting off wakefulness. After a week in bed with flu I returned to work this week to realise that perhaps I hadn’t recovered as fully as expected, finding myself struggling with exhaustion and feeling depleted. I lay for a while this morning, noticing how heavy my head felt as leaden limbs pinned me to the mattress, but sleep eluded me as a stream of conscious thought laden with responsibility flooded the space where dreams had left. I gave in quickly, grabbing my robe and a thick pair of socks, descending the stairs in search of coffee to find it’s snowing in London, beautiful, gentle, gracefully.

I sat with my latte just watching for a while as the fine flakes swirled on their descent, dancing on the breeze in absolutely no hurry as they alight the rooftops, branches, balcony and any upturned surfaces. The scene beyond my window has been transformed, the Victorian buildings seemingly more Dickensian with the soft white blanket that covers the dirt and blemishes of city dwelling. I smiled at the clouds in my coffee, the weather suits me, suddenly there is no reason to rush, and fortunately there is nowhere I absolutely have to be today. I made a list of the things I really must get done, the dreaded tax return being one of them, and I’m going to enjoy methodically working through them. Somehow the weather seems to dictate the day as a gentle one, time to stay warm and cosy, a chance to clear some chores from my desk, and take it gently. I do hope that whatever weather you’re treated to today, that it suits you too! Blessings & love, Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited, via Pinterest}

3 thoughts on “Snowy start

  1. I do have you in my thoughts and prayers as you’ve been fightin the flu. I wish for you overall well being, sand strength. Sending you warm hugs on your snowy days. May your aches, and pains melt away. Much love, E.

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