Grey days and happy memories

grey day

Hi everyone, today I woke to a grey rainy day in London, and lay listening to the drumming of the drops as they fell on the windows and splashed in the puddles. I had a late start, languishing in the privilege of a lie in, staying cosy and snug as the weather wept beyond the windows, a comforting melancholic melody as I snuggled in the warmth of the duvet. I got up for coffee, and sat to watch the rain for a while, finding something so peaceful in the acceptance of the way it shapes my day, as it trickles down the windows and lashes the geraniums, dripping from the bare branches, and running in rivulets down the slate roof opposite. I sat on the sofa, smiling at the clouds in my latte, as I let the memories of the past year wash over me, for tomorrow is my birthday and it seems time has flown by so quickly. Some well wishes have arrived early, people that have molded my past with their presence and love, messages in languages engraved on my heart and happy vignettes that flicker across the screen of my mind, shared histories and moments I’ll never forget. I’ve had a great year on lots of levels, and of course on some disappointing; but the older I get the easier it seems to appreciate the lessons, recognise the gifts, and smile at the future full of blessings and potential. So I’m spending the day tucked up in the warmth at home, enjoying the peace as I get on with some writing, which may quite possibly include some Christmas cards! I hope that whatever your weather, you have a fabulous Friday, and that if it’s raining where you are that it’s beautiful too! Blessings & love, Hxx

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