Good morning!

sun back

Good morning everyone! Today I woke late from the best night’s sleep I can remember in quite a while, washing up on the shore of consciousness with a smile on my face, peaceful in the knowledge my dreams beheld. I slumbered for a while in the shallows, as recollections of my reverie washed over me, until the sunlight pushing at the curtains became too tempting. I popped downstairs for coffee, to find the rooms aglow as the sunlight flooded through the windows, and sat in sunny spot admiring my new latte mug, a gift from my dear friend LS. LS and I had a delicious supper at her home yesterday, she’s a yoga teacher and after our meal showed me some relaxing postures, to help release my stubborn traps, that restrict my neck and shoulders. Today I notice that the pain has faded and I have a much greater range of movement, not to mention the 10 hours of deep sleep that’s left me feeling refreshed and chirpy! So a little bop around the house as I get ready, then I must hot-foot it to work for lunch and catch up with beautiful BK before a busy clinic. I hope you have a gorgeous day too, and that people in your world make it beautiful too! ❤ Blessings & love, Hxx

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