Hope-filled mornings

leggy am

Good morning everyone! Today I woke early, too early really, but once awake found I couldn’t fall back to sleep, despite fatigue and the best of intentions. So after wishing for a while, I got up to watch the sunrise, wrapping up in the cosy sweater strewn across the banister as I made my way downstairs for coffee. The sparkling frost on the slate roof opposite looks like icing sugar, a dusting of which was sprinkled along the balustrade and in the nearby trees. I sat by the window, watching the dark sky seep through shades of grey as morning arrived, gently. There is something magical about the early hours, especially when it’s quiet and it seems we’re alone to witness the wonder, as the rest of the world remains sleeping. Which of course is never true, but a beautiful notion to contemplate at that hour when almost anything seems possible. I think that the feeling of solitude at the start of the day is an opportunity to enjoy the stillness and listen to one’s heart. This is when we find ourselves as we truly are, in the moments before we set our intentions for the day ahead and get lost in the ‘doing’ not ‘being’ of living. As the morning rolled in, the sun slipped through the clouds, bathing my view in a gentle glow that created elegant shadows, and smelt of hope. Or maybe that’s just what I heard in my heart ♥

Wishing you all a beautiful day, however it starts, and that somewhere between the feelings you experience, that hope resides within them. Blessings & love, Hxx

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