Good morning!

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Happy Saturday Everyone! This morning I woke late, falling abruptly into consciousness as I became aware immediately of a familiar pain that grips my left shoulder blade. I tried to doze, twisting and turning looking for a comfortable position in a pile of pillows that fill my bed; but to no avail so I got up in search of coffee, and ibuprofen. A glorious sunny start was waiting to greet me, with endless blue skies stretching to eternity, and pools of light spilling through the windows, gleaming with hope as they sprawled across the sofa and slipped onto the floor. I sat with my latte and let my feet bask in the warm sunny patch as I smiled at my thoughts that wander through landscapes I’ve travelled often before. Whilst I toured through familiar territory, I noticed from a new perspective, aspects of myself previously ignored. Sometimes it seems we focus so much on the things around us, we don’t always notice the changes within us, which are those subtle shifts in our beliefs and understanding. And yet some things persist, beyond our control and endless fathoming, things we’d dismiss if our heads ruled our hearts, mine doesn’t, clearly!

My shoulder is tightly held in a spasm that radiates upwards into my neck, restricting movement, and seizing painfully each moment I forget. Accumulated tension expressed in a protective hold that prevents me from moving on several levels, an old wound resurfacing that serves as a reminder of what I’ve survived before. I’m aware of the emotional element that inflicts this injury, and experience has taught me that it’s just a moment in time, a temporary reminder to caution me. So I’m clinging onto wisdom borne out of experience as my silver-lining this morning, that and dwelling in possibility as the day unfolds. Besides, it’s such a beautiful day, a gorgeous gift of crisp, fresh, winter; and a cheerful reminder of the spring that will follow. Life is never static, gradually evolving, waiting for us to notice it after all!

I have a weekend of parties, festive celebrations with friends and family, and I’m still fighting off a cold, so I’m making time today to take it easy, snuggling on the sofa, listening to my heart, and being patient with my body. I hope that you find some relaxation time over the weekend, and support yourself through the festive season. Much love & blessings, Hxx

2 thoughts on “Good morning!

  1. Ohhh I do hope your back feels better. I struggle with back pain as well. With all the excitement of 3 birthdays in the last 7 days in this house, and going to cut a tree today, and still having to wrap and ship parcels before I can relax and enjoy the holiday, I feel like there is a baseball lodged right at the level of T8 on my spine. Despite that lump, I still did my bike and weights, and will also take some Ibuprofen, and perhaps apply some Voltaren gel, before getting on with the festivities! I’m hoping that by next weekend, I can actually sit and relax and everything will be done except waiting for Santa to arrive. Have fun at your parties! Your smile will be just the sparkle they need! 🙂

  2. I hope you’ll fell better soon! That pain in your shoulder sounds mean :/ Unfortunately, I know it. So make sure to take care of yourself, listen to your body. Hope you’ll have a great weekend!
    all my love x

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