Good Morning Sunshine!

Bathing beauty

Good morning everyone! Today I woke slowly, keeping wakefulness at bay for a while as I pushed conscious thoughts away, to drift in that hypnapompic state where lucidity enters dreams, enabling us to orchestrate them to a degree. So I lingered amongst the waves, feeling the sun on my face as they carried me gently towards the shore, and let myself flow in a greater presence than my own. Eventually I got up for coffee, wrapping up warmly against the chill in the air, which has a pleasant bite, a coolness on the skin that makes cashmere feel even more deliciously decadent; and pottered downstairs for coffee.

It’s a beautiful start to the day in London, blue skies above a world bathed in sunlight, which highlights the frosty surfaces and draws elegantly stretched shadows. I sat for a while on the awesome sofa, contemplating the day ahead with all its potential sparkling, before running a bath with refreshing oils of grapefruit and rosemary. I sank into the steamy water and watched the sun bounce around the bathroom, shimmering on the water, glancing off the taps, and smiled at the difference the little things make. It’s a lovely day, and I have several appointments today to keep me busy but also plenty of opportunity to enjoy the wintry sunshine, walking to Belsize Park, then St. Johns Wood, and possibly back via Primrose Hill afterwards.

So I’m wrapping up warmly as I’m rushing out the door and wishing you a beautiful day, wherever you are ♥ Blessings & love, Hxx

{Photo credit: Fashion & Editorial photography by Damien Lovegrove | Lovegrove Photography}

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