Simply Good Morning

simple coffee cup

Good morning everyone! Today I struggled to wake, it’s turned much colder here in London, and after a busy weekend I was feeling a little ‘under the weather’ as Monday dawned. I struggled to swim from the depths of sleep towards consciousness, as if my body was weighted with all those things unsolved in my head, and kept dragging me back to the sweet, dark oblivion. I have a coffee date arranged this morning with DC, we decided to have Motivational Monday Meetings at the favourite Bistro, a great way to share out intentions for the week, and sound board our ideas. It’s working already, I could easily have crawled back under the duvet if I didn’t have plans made!

I’m starting the week with a cup of coffee and appreciation of the little things, which are the big things after all. In fact I’m focusing on simplicity, something I admire and aspire to, de-cluttering my brain, schedule, wardrobe, home of all the ‘stuff’ that doesn’t warrant the space, to make room to appreciate those simple pleasures. December has arrived with plenty of Christmas cheer, but it can sometimes feel over-whelming and rather ‘rich’ in that over-indulged, over-spent way, which can end up being stressful rather than enjoyable. So I’m adopting a simple manifesto, not mean or less enjoyable, just an intention to be grateful for what I have rather than seeking more, and giving thoughtfully, spending time with people I really care about and looking after my health through the festivities. So I’m making time for 5 minutes meditation and a few yoga stretches (my dear friend LS has taught me to ‘get’ that spot under my left scapula), before I pop over the road to meet DC for eggs Florentine, and his special brand of dry humour and kind understanding-priceless!

I hope you week starts well too, and that you have a marvelous Monday finding the little things that are the big things for you! Blessings and love, Hxx

A manifesto for a simple life:
Eat less, move more.
Buy less, make more.
Stress Less, laugh more.
Feel blessed, love more.
Find a quiet spot every day & breathe.

3 thoughts on “Simply Good Morning

  1. Your healthy hearty breakfasts have encouraged me to try that starting today. Instead of just having a bowl of fiber 1 cereal, I added 1 toast and 1 egg and a small bowel of pomegranate seeds as well. Perhaps a heartier breakfast will kick start my metabolism! Have a great day Haley!

  2. Even when you aren’t having the best wake up morning you have the best wake ups I know Hayley… A Motivational Monday Morning Meeting with a trusted and supportive friend at a favourite bistro or coffee shop is an awesome way to start the week and add commitment and energy to you intentions for the week.

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