The ludicrous element in our feeling does not make them any less authentic. ~Milan Kundera, Encounter

I think our most ludicrous feelings, those that we are bewildered by and afraid of, those that threaten our equilibrium, that we are embarrassed about, and often irrationally ashamed of; are the ones that we really need to pay attention to. Because if they are still clinging steadfastly to our hearts when we can’t make sense of them, when they threaten our idea of control, and persist in rocking our world, then their illogical presence must indicate their strength, and maybe even suggests some intuitive connection that maintains their existence.. well that’s how it feels to me! I wonder if understanding them would change anything anyway! Maybe we just all need a little madness to appreciate sanity, which btw is terribly over-rated IMO! ♥ Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited, via Pinterest. Quote ~Milan Kundera, Words ~Hayley Darby 26.Sept.2012}

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