Una Preaches to the Waves

Ah waves, what do you know of eternity? As much as any force on earth? Down the eons you have poured your cups, twisted your waterspouts, heaved your great flanks. You have sobbed and sighed, sparkled and laughed, alternately slammed flat our puny structures and caressed and cradled us in your sweet rocking. What do you have to teach us? Your capacity to vary, your ability to endure? Your ceaseless energy. The force of you comes ashore and dies there. Yet comes another. Froth, foam, bubbles, nothing.

How, O destructive element can I abide the days of your coming in, coming in, coming in? Because you are no single thing. You console with your eternal arch and spew, even though you smite us. You provide the bounty of your myriad fishes, whales, eels, clams, shrimp. But above that you offer us your beauty. You are energy made beautiful, and what are we ourselves but energy? We live by our inner tides and cycles. Our blood is salt even as you are. We, like you must always heave and move; may sometimes sparkle, may luxuriate in ourselves. Waves, you are a pattern that fills all the available space. Like stars. Ah waves, tell me what I am and what I may yet be.

~Sena Jeter Naslund, Ahab’s Wife (Chapter 147, Una Preaches to the Waves)

Thank you to dear LJ for so kindly sending me these wonderful words, which I appreciate so greatly. With love & gratitude ♥ Hxx

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