So frustrated, really I could weep,
lying here waiting for elusive sleep.
Dreams and fears both running wild,
as the rational adult tries to reason the impetuous child.

And as I dread the exhaustion waiting tomorrow,
I try to address the source of such sorrow.
Inevitably vulnerable at this dark hour,
attempting to harness a deeper power.

The inner conflict that keeps me awake,
a fear of making another mistake.
This futile sabotage seems too clear,
I’m determined to protect that which I deem so dear.

Although I resent this tiresome wakefulness,
my faith, in truth, is just as relentless.
Despite my sanity falling apart,
I know nothing stronger, than the human heart.

{Photo sadly uncredited, words ~Hayley Darby, 2008}

9 thoughts on “Insomnia

  1. I woke up, to not only a dreary, wet, cold, windy & very “off” summer’s day, but dreary myself – fuzzy brained, exhausted & suffering from a lack of fortitude due to years of insomnia and a particularly tough night as A direct result of a week frought with too many stress inducing experiences – things that threaten the safety and security of my home & family – Your exquisite poem, Hayley was just the balm I needed. Thank you!! Live & LoVe, Axx

    • Dear Amanda, thank you so much for your lovely message, I’m so grateful for your kind feedback on my poem, and truly hope your sleep patterns improve ๐Ÿ™‚ Soporific wishes, with blessings & love, Hxx

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