Good morning..

Good morning/afternoon everyone! Today I woke at a reasonable hour, but despite sleeping well, my body ached for more. So since it is Saturday and I could enjoy the luxury, I snuggled back under the duvet, and let my mind wander through familiar paths in my heart until sleep again reclaimed me, for several hours. On waking again I drifted for a while, watching memories of my dream gently unravel as I tried to fathom their relevance, and found myself deposited upon the pillow in the present.

A familiar pain in my back seared through my thoughts, accompanied by a headache, and I wonder where I’d been in my dreams to induce such an uncomfortable arrangement. I lay for a while, trying to let go of the tension responsible, sighing at the familiarity of an unsolved frustration. There is a particular spot, located medial of my left scapular; that has a tendency to spasm, painfully restricting, and rather irritating. It’s a weakness I’m aware of, an ancient wound that can be hypersensitive, prone to over-protective tightness, and a reminder to be careful. My colleagues at the clinic all agree that my mid trapezius is implicated, possibly due to an imbalance in my shoulders; only MW my dear friend and acupuncturist has another perspective. Smiling through her trademark red lipstick, as she explains the relevance of the points she’s needling, to the pericardium (heart-protector).

So I sighed and stretched my legs, before sending love to those I care about and carefully sat up, dressing awkwardly in the comfort of an old cashmere robe and made my way downstairs for coffee. It’s a dark grey day in London, and was admittedly almost afternoon, when I watched the rain falling softly on the slate roof opposite, as the coffee machine cheerfully sputtered a shot of encouragement into the cup. I sat on the awesome sofa, cradling my latte and noticed the skeletal appearance of some of the trees, watching the drops hesitate momentarily before they dripped from the branches. I took a painkiller with my coffee (I’m not a martyr), and chased it with a large glass of water and a big bowl of porridge with cashews, pear and cinnamon for breakfast. The weather makes it feel even more cosy inside, and the candles glow defiantly against the gloominess. I don’t mind the rain today, in fact it feels quite peaceful and comforting, I’m warm and replete, curled up on the sofa with ‘Matthew’ (my ipad) to write and answer some truly heartfelt correspondence. In a while I’ll run a bath and check on arrangements for later. But it seems my body wants a little less rushing about and a little more relaxation, and today I’m listening. I do hope that your day is wonderful, whatever you’re up to, and that if possibly can, you’ll be kind to yourself too! Blessings & love, Hxx

{Photo sadly not credited, via Pinterest}

5 thoughts on “Good morning..

  1. I had a wonderful Saturday! ❤ going out shopping for clothes with my boyfriend (for him, not for me, even though I bought the cutest dress ever! ❤ )
    Then going to my concert (I play saxophone) and then spend the rest of the evening with my love again.
    Best day in a loooong time ❤

    • OOH what’s the dress like? Love it when you find something gorgeous when you’re not even looking for you! And wow, the sax is such a beautiful instrument! I’m not musical at all, struggled to play the triangle at school, but love to listen. Glad you had a gorgeous day Beautiful! hugs, Hxx

      • it’s black with a fabric like a wedding veil over a black skirt :3 it makes my thighs look great (since they are rather big) and since it’s a bustier, it makes my breasts look great as well :3
        I know right! I just wanted to try some dresses on, just for fun and because we had some time left, and as soon as I had it on and saw my boyfriend’s reaction, I knew I wanted it. :3
        Since I’ll be spending my first Christmas Eve and New Years Eve with him, meeting his family and some other friends, I want to look absolutely smashing (nerves!).
        I love my instrument :3 it’s my third one. I played piano and guitar as well. But I love the sound of a saxophone. Especially when I play my solo in the song “Something There” from Beauty and the Beast. (love that song!).
        Aww thank you! me too! hugs x

      • I am sure you look absolutely stunning in it, but I think you’d probably be beautiful in a bin bag too! How exciting about spending the festivities with your BF 🙂 Don’t worry, I’m sure his family will adore you! You’re so lucky being musical, I’d love to be, but we can’t all be everything! Hugs, Hxx

      • thank you so much for those kind words :3 and yes, it’s very exciting, and I sure hope that his family will like me. :3 You may not be musical, but I’m sure you have many other talents ! 😀 x

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