Good morning!

Good morning everyone! Today I woke late, still tired after a late night, fighting off the fatigue that tethered me to slumber, as I pushed back the duvet and stretched my legs, pushing my toes into the cool brass of the bedstead. I got up for coffee, wrapping up in a soft robe against the chill in the air, and pushed my hands through ‘messy hair’ as I descended the stairs for the coffee.

It was a fairly grey start to the day here in London, but there was a softness, a beauty in that opaque light that gently caught the dew on the geraniums on the window sill. Those soft delicate petals belying their hardiness, resilient and proud, though their leaves are withering, as the green become mixed with yellow, upon a bed of curled up brown, brittle and fragile. I took my coffee into the lounge, where the pale honey colours are warm and comforting, and sat on the awesome white sofa, to contemplate my feelings.

I’m feeling rather tired, and a headache threatens at my temples and behind my tired eyes, a reminder of some changes I need to make; getting to bed earlier would be a good starting point! I ran a steaming hot bath, laced with oils of bergamot and juniper to lift my energy, and soaked decadently until I realized the day was slipping away. I have rather a lot of paperwork to catch up on, some important patient notes at the top of the list, and an exciting creative project I’m ready to delve into. So I breakfasted on a large bowl of porridge with pear, cinnamon, and a generous dollop of Greek yoghurt, before getting lost for a while in correspondence.

Feeling a little rejuvenated, it seems the sun is too, as it sneaks through the clouds occasionally, inspiring me to venture out in the cool fresh air and breathe in deeply this day that will never come again. So I made a pact, to address the most important paperwork with a second latte, over the road at the café where the baristas always make me smile with their happy banter in a mix of English & Italian. Then I’m going to walk up through the village, to wander on the Heath, observing the seasonal changes amongst the meadows and woodland, count my blessings, and dwell in possibility. I hope that you have a beautiful day too, and find some way to make time to listen to your heart and check where it’s leading you. Some directions aren’t easy to follow, but if we keep paying attention, we’ll find our paths, and the courage to follow them ♥ Blessings & love, Hxx

6 thoughts on “Good morning!

  1. It’s getting on 4 p.m. here, and I am just sitting down to read this now. I started reading it a few times, earlier today, but as per normal interruptions were always timely. It is so relaxing to read your writings. I wish I could afford the calories of lattes, sounds so delicious. I do enjoy them, about 3 times a year. It’s a chilly day here in London, Canada! and we are expecting some flurries overnight and into the weekend. It won’t amount to much as the ground isn’t frozen yet. But, perhaps, I could get my Christmas cards ready to go and do inventory and wrapping on the purchases already made! Look forward to your posts over the weekend. Cheers!

    • Darling Natalie, I wish we could have a latte and a good morning chat together! Enjoy the snowfall in your London, it’s not that cold in mine yet, but I am starting to feel Christmassy too 🙂 Blessings & love, Hxx

      • On the good morning chat, I wish! I got all 37 Christmas cards ready to go for the first week of December. Also did a hand drawn Advent Calendar for my son, a tradition I am carrying on from my Dad. I’m not much of an artist, but once a year, I give it my best. It’s only done in pencil so far, and I must have it colored by Friday, so he can start the countdown and cross off each picture. I put on the Classic Christmas movies while I draw etc. so that makes it feel Christmassy too!

      • Wow Natalie, I’m impressed, I might be feeling Christmassy thanks to a Christmas market at the weekend, but I certainly haven’t contemplated participating in preparation yet! I’m sure your son will remember your artistic merits in a much kinder light than you give yourself credit! You’re awesome 🙂 I love the Christmas movies, I think ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ is my favourite. Hugs & love, Hxx

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