Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning everyone! Happy Thanks-Giving !!

Today I woke slowly as memories of dreams flickered through my head, and I languished a while at the shoreline, watching the waves and listening to my intuition; before sending love to those I care about and getting up for coffee. It’s another grey start to the day in London, but it’s not raining, and as the wind rushes through the leaves that cling tenaciously to the tress, it feels cosy and snug inside on the sofa, wrapped around a steaming hot soy latte. A fragrant candle flickers on the coffee table, as the comforting woody aromas of cedar and sandalwood, softened by rose and orange blossom, infuse the room (Penhaligon’s Elixir), and I spent some time contemplating the dancing flame, meditating in gratitude.

The Thanksgiving holiday isn’t traditionally celebrated in the UK, and our equivalent ‘harvest festivals’ seem to only be observed in schools and churches, which I think is a shame. It seems so appropriate in the dark days of winter to celebrate the blessings of the year past, and it might prevent Christmas from becoming the over-promoted commercial event it seems to become, especially when advertising and decorations often start here in October. A little gratitude amongst all that expectation and pressure to provide, could be a charming diversion and rather rebalancing. So I’m glad of the reminder from American friends, and although I won’t be dining on turkey and pumpkin pie this afternoon, I will be thinking of you that do, and spend the day being mindful of thankfulness. I’m going to walk in the wind, and watch the leaves dance along the pavement, I’m going to smile at the blue sky that peeps between the clouds, I’m going to nuzzle my chin in a soft cashmere scarf, and smell the perfume that lingers amongst memories. I’m going to eat my lunch slowly and savour every mouthful, I’m going to inhale fragrant tea before I taste it, I’m going to appreciate my colleagues that have become friends, I’m going to be grateful for lessons learned from my patients. I’m going to reflect on my journey, and the people who have accompanied me, especially grateful for those that have encouraged me to develop Pure Nourishment further than I could ever have imagined, and I’m especially grateful for those friendships formed across many miles. I hope you have a gorgeous day, wherever in the world you are, and that gratitude fills your day with love and happiness. Blessings & love : )) Hxx

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