Tea and happiness..

Hi everyone! Today was one of those wet windy days in London, where we faced rain like stair rods, and great gusts of wind that made simply walking a struggle. Seriously, my umbrella just snapped in two completely, not one of the spokes, but the actual rod attached to the handle, and it wasn’t an inexpensive flimsy example. Still, it’s a good day, dramatic weather included, I decided on the train to work, damp but smiling. I woke early (3am) and despite all good intentions couldn’t get back to sleep so got up after an hour or so to paint my nails; somehow a relaxing past time that helps empty my head. As I waited for the navy blue polish to dry, I checked my laptop to find a lovely message from South Carolina that made me smile, and a little preassurance about tuning in, more than I realise sometimes. In the early hours, I returned to bed, letting go of the conversation running round my head, and struggled to wake when a decent hour arrived. I had dreamt I’d received a text message in those sleep filled hours, which seemed so clear and felt so real, I was surprised to find no evidence in my phone on waking. I lay pondering the surreal feelings for a moment, and the viewpoint I’d imagined delivered, as if the conversation had seeped into my sub conscious, with replies as an added bonus! I stretched my neck before pushing myself to get up with the lure of coffee, and ran a bath with invigorating oils of grapefruit and rosemary, to prepare for the day ahead.

I met my friend and colleague DC for lunch at the favourite bistro on my way to the clinic. He works Wednesday mornings, when I work the afternoon, so we sometimes meet in between, either in Canary Wharf, or today local to home, since we are also neighbours. DC is a valued friend, one of those people that ‘get’ me enough that some explanations are unnecessary. We had lots to talk about today, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to discuss client communication and clinical dynamics with his understanding perspective, as well as sharing patient resources and insightful experiences. We also shared our favourite TED talks and laughed about things we’d learnt and appreciated over eggs Florentine and a Soya latte. We love our bistro, which I affectionately call my ‘second kitchen’ as we joke about being ‘discerning customers’ (some call us fussy!) with the amusing waiting staff and familiar barista. We said our goodbyes before facing the weather, agreeing to catch up next week, as I headed into work, and he home.

I had a quiet day in clinic this afternoon, a good opportunity to catch up with paperwork, tea with KU, coffee with RO, a chat with KM and made plans with SP and CS for dinner tomorrow. Some unexpected news kept distracting me, with thoughts and feelings I really should write about, once the dust has settled. A good thing, something interesting that seemed to lift a load from my shoulders, an insight and understanding that sent the corners of my mouth upwards again. So the afternoon passed quickly, and as I got the train home this evening, tired and suddenly ravenous; I realized that those rather ordinary moments strung together with dreams and hopes, are the cement of life that hold us together. As I sip my delicately fragranced violet green tea (from Le Jardin d’Elen in Toulous, via La Fromagerie in Marylebone.. sublimely divine!) everything and anything seems possible, but it’s those little instants of happiness that feel really magical, as long as we care to notice them. I hope your day was beautiful too ♥ Blessings & love, Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited, via Pinterest}

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