What if.. we heard them?

What if we saved our kind advice, stopped suggesting solutions, and instead of searching for words, listened instead? Not just hearing, really listening, opening our hearts with empathy to really try and gleam an idea of the feelings being expressed.

What if we all listened to the gaps between the words that were spoken, and noticed the silent cracks of the almost broken, as they spill quietly searching for understanding? Making room in our thoughts exclusively, to hear their voice over our own internal chattering.

What if instead of trying to fix things that are irreparable, we reached out with the intention of fully appreciating the perspective of another; acknowledging their pain and frustration, so that they might be able to let it go, with the assurance you know how much it mattered, because you truly heard them.

{Photo sadly uncredited, via Pinterest; words ~Hayley Darby 20.Nov.2012}

11 thoughts on “What if.. we heard them?

  1. This reminds me of the quote of why we have two ears and one mouth. It is rare to find someone who truely listens and is inventive to our strories. I am blessed to have known a few. They are treasured and valued friendships. Blessings to you for listening with your heart and mind; and not just your ears. Sending you warm hugs. ❤ E

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