Good morning cloudy day : ))

Good morning everyone! Today I struggled to wake up, it wasn’t a particularly late night, but the day seemed to come around way too quickly for my body. I remained curled up in my soft white cocoon and drifted in and out of the shallows for a while, committing neither to sleep or wakefulness, hovering on the threshold of consciousness.

I remembered a dream I woke from in the night, a bizarre experience I have no way of explaining to myself. I dreamt I was riding a BMX across a dirt track, pulling stunts and tricks, ‘catching air’, seriously exhilarating, ridiculous fun, and something I have never ever done! I don’t think I’ve even ridden a BMX in reality, let alone been a stunt queen; and it’s not something I aspire to! As I tried to figure out the connection this morning, I could only tie it to a young friend in Greece who was very talented on a BMX, travelling the world to compete. His parents had a half pike built in the back garden, and one summer I used to coach him, endlessly trying to perfect a particular stunt, offering support and encouragement as best I could without any real clue of the technical merits he was seeking. It wasn’t important that I didn’t understand his dream, it was enough that I could just believe in his ability to make it happen.

So this morning, as the sleep filled clouds cleared from my head, I realized it’s not so much the dream we hope for that’s important, but it’s important we have one. Something that induces dedication and commitment, as we believe in the exhilaration we will feel at the prospect of achievement. And that as long as we know how it feels to have a dream, then we can encourage others in pursuit of theirs. As I got up for coffee, finding a grey day beyond the curtains, I realize my dreams feel a bit closer, as long as I remember, the blue skies are there, bright beyond the cloud cover, which is only temporary after all! I hope you have a beautiful day, whatever your weather, and that you can encourage someone to follow his or her heart, yourself being a good place to start! Blessings & love ♥ Hxx

{Photo sadly not credited, via Pinterest}

8 thoughts on “Good morning cloudy day : ))

  1. I love the line “I realized it’s not so much the dream we hope for that’s important, but it’s important we have one”. I need to do work on the dream part of my life…
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with all of us 🙂

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