Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! This morning I woke from a dream on an unfamiliar beach, sitting by the shoreline, gently clasping my knees as the waves gently lapped at my feet, and my heels sank into soft white sand. A feeling of calm acceptance dominates the memory, and as I closed my eyes to feel the sun on my face, know I was smiling with gratitude. Wakefulness washed over me, and the sound of the waves chasing up the beach became the sound of the wind rushing through the leaves as it sways the trees outside my window. I listened for a while, and noticed how tired I’m feeling; it was a busy weekend, but a good one, and I smile at some memories.

I noticed the chill when I threw back the duvet, quickly grabbing my cosy robe, and a thick pair of socks before making my way downstairs to turn the heating up. I feel a tad run-down, the start of a head-cold threatening, so passed on coffee for a hot zesty lime drink and a big bowl of porridge with cinnamon and pear for breakfast. I remember my walk round Regent’s Park yesterday feeling deceptively colder than it appeared as the sunlight slanted through the trees, their delicate branches becoming visible through the thinning leaves. My Russian friend had declared it was so much milder in London than Moscow, and we agreed I should visit her in the summer months.

It’s a blustery day here in London, and the trees that bow have lost many leaves overnight it seems. The clouds are moving quickly too, so that sunlight streams through the window intermittently, where the geraniums on the sill demonstrate their resilience. I have rather a long list of to-do’s to address today, much of it desk based, which could easily make me feel a little trapped and impatient, but today it suits me, to stay in the warm, and some of it will be tapping into visual creativity for a project I’m excited about. Someone has made a generous offer, and is guiding me through the creative process, it’s a completely new area for me, and I’m looking forward to learning. I am particularly grateful for the timing of this blessing, and will watch with interest where the process takes me, I’m already sure it will teach more than the expected.

However, before I settle down at my desk, I have an enormous amount of correspondence to catch up on, so I am succumbing to a latte after all, and planting myself in the pool of sunlight that catches the end of the sofa. I do hope you have a beautiful start to the week, and that you take time to notice how you’re feeling; maybe your immune system needs a boost, or maybe you would benefit from some other support, practical or emotional, and maybe you can help someone else too! Happy Monday! Blessings & love, Hxx

8 thoughts on “Good Morning!

    • Ha ha! Dear A, I dream about the sea a lot, I’m happiest on the beach I guess.. and I think maybe in some way I choose the dreams I have; I usually have a gratitude audit as I go to bed, counting my blessings, so it’s a positive way to seek sleep! I’m not sure all my dreams are awesome, but I do look for the beauty in them, and the insights I can gain (good & sad). I rarely remember bad dreams, but if I do, I will certainly explore the aspects in my life that might have led to the nightmares played out in my head. I once had a dream where I was told to get dressed, so I did and went back to bed, minutes before a Redwood tree crashed onto the house I was sleeping in. The house was destroyed, except the bedroom; no one was hurt, and I was dressed ready to leave at 3am on a rainy day in Oregon.. that’s a dream I’ll never forget! Listen to your dreams, and choose happy thoughts.. Blessings, Hxx

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