Good Morning!!

Good morning everyone!! It’s a beautiful sunny start to the day in London; with blue skies that feel full of optimism and endless possibility. I woke early, despite a late night, and although I danced into the small hours, my sleep had been disturbed. Sometimes it seems my mind can turn thoughts over and over, like a washing machine, perhaps trying to cleanse away the spots of disappointment. The best ‘mental detergent’ I’ve found is gratitude, and this morning I have an abundance, so the smiles help disguise the fatigue that clings gently round my eyes.

I woke with memories of multiple dreams, vignettes of which flickered across my mind like an old cine movie. Those seemingly random stories of the sub consciousness, that don’t make sense in the present, yet induce emotional awareness of situations perceived as reality. As wakefulness claimed me, I stretched and sighed, wishing I understood more, before realizing the naivety gives me an opportunity to walk in faith. So I sent love to those I care about and prayed for patience, before wrapping up in my robe in search of coffee.

The sun seems caught in the faded leaves that still cling tenaciously to the trees, and each has an individual radiance as their scarcity now allows every one to catch the light. Long shadows fall across the red brickwork of the building opposite, and a crunchy carpet of the dried, rust hued, brittle fragility of fallen leaves. Two vapour trails streak across the blueness, and my heart lurches a little at the thought of the choices, before smiling at the feeling that my trail will appear in good time.. to the right destination, whichever one it is.

Meanwhile I’m running a bath as I write, with oils of grapefruit and juniper, before I dash out for brunch with local friends, to enjoy the bustle of the favourite bistro amidst newspapers and chatter, and the comforting hiss and steam of the coffee machine, where the waiters know us well, and they serve the best eggs Florentine in London. I have a packed Sunday waiting after that, my dear Russian friend has popped over for a weekend from Moscow, so we plan to pack in some shopping in Marylebone, before a walk up Primrose Hill to admire the city’s skyline, then tea in the chic café there that sells a sublime green tea gateau. I do hope you’re having a delightful weekend, and that even if it’s cloudy where you are; you are blessed with sunny friends. Blessings & love

{Photo credit: Dan Salma Photography}

10 thoughts on “Good Morning!!

  1. Greetings from Skopje, Macedonia, with almost blue skies :), after a week or so of very cloudy sky. It’s amazing how when the skies clear, our minds clear too and whatever weigh us down dissapears and we feel fresh and full of optimism and ready to start again. Have a Great Sunday Hayley ❤

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