Therapeutic Poetry

Last night I wrote a poem, I wrote it on my heart,
The words clung together, as it quietly fell apart.

In the darkness of the night, wishing for sweet sleep,
Some words escaped my soul, and let me softly weep.

I let go of those emotions I needed to release,
And as the words adhered together, I found myself at peace.

{Photo credit: Mario Theologis, via Pinterest, words ~Hayley Darby, 16.Nov.2012}

10 thoughts on “Therapeutic Poetry

  1. This poem came to me at the darkest hours of
    my night….And I did just that…..I wrote a poem to myself to release my pain….
    The universe was listening to my plead for help…and she sent you… thank you.

    • Dear L, thank you so much for your kind honesty, I feel so blessed that this touched someone else and helped make a difference! Wishing you courage in the dark moments, and words that lead you to peace, always. Much love & blessings, Hxx

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