Good Morning!

Good morning everyone!! Today I woke late, wrenched from the depths of dreams by the sound of nearby road works.. feeling a bit grumpy about that awful noise, then grateful for the man that operates the drill to facilitate whatever repairs are required. Seriously, what a job, being subjected to that noise in such close proximity day after day. Meanwhile I pushed my head under the pillow for a few moments respite, as I searched for the dream from whence I came.. but the distance between there and here had been stretched too far, so I rolled over to find the time on my iphone and embrace the day.

I wonder how many of us start our day by checking those devices that connect us so extensively through email, text, Facebook, WordPress, Twitter, Viber, HeyTell, and all manner of communication portals, to our worlds. I tend to view the time on waking, and then get up for coffee before I ‘check in’ with the overnight deliveries. However, this morning a text from a colleague arrived as I checked the time made me smile, inspiring me to stretch my neck (the colleague is a massage therapist) and put a spring in my step as I bounced down the stairs for breakfast.

It’s a gorgeous sunny day here in London (UK, Natalie!), and despite the autumnal chill in the air, I sat on the doorstep with my coffee, wrapped up tightly in my robe, to enjoy the vibrancy the sunlight cast in the multi-hued trees, and amongst the geraniums, still flowering white with hope and tenacity. The red brick work radiated warmth, as the dappled shadow of leaves rippling in the breeze cast a dance across the wall. The blue sky stretches seamlessly without a blemish, and I smiled at the clouds in my coffee, appreciating the little things that are the big things after all : ))

After breakfast (porridge with pear, cinnamon, Greek yoghurt and walnuts), I checked through some correspondence, overwhelmed by some very thoughtful, kind and generous messages. I feel so blessed that Pure Nourishment has connected me with some wonderful people around the globe, such an unexpected gift that has an enormously encouraging impact, and I am filled with gratitude. Messages from California tug at my heart strings, and I noticed the wanderlust twirl a little dance as I ran a hot bath, laced with fragrant oils of bergamot and orange blossom. It’s a gorgeous day, and as I dash to dress for work, I’m wishing you sunshine on the inside and smiles on the outside.

♥ Blessings & love, Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited, via Pinterest}

11 thoughts on “Good Morning!

  1. Good Morning Hayley! (UK) Funny girl! LOL! It’s nice that you still have leaves on the trees over there. Despite your Fall weather starting earlier than ours, all of our leaves are down. Only the strongest, most stubborn await the battering of Winter, and even then, they may hang on. It’s a chilly, but lovely (-5C) 23F and I love this weather. So refreshing! Crisp air in my face and I can breathe! I’ll be heading out to take my son to school, hats, mitts, scarves! Love all the winter accessories! Have a fantastic day!

    • Ha ha, hi Natalie! It’s getting colder here day by day, as I write the branches of the trees are losing leaves rapidly in the wind that chases those fallen around the courtyard. We’re certainly not as cool as you in London, UK: 11C, 55F today (plus the wind chill factor). Oh and I love the hats, gloves & scarves too! Have a gorgeous day 🙂 Blessings & love, Hxx

  2. Loves this post! The way you described the thing you did, sitting on the doorstep enjoying a cup of coffee , the flowers, the leaves on the trees… I could just see it. Sense it. And it made me kind of jealous, because I get up early (5.30 a.m) and leave early for school, so when I leave, it’s dark, and when I come back home, it’s dark again. I never see anything of the day and the leaves in sunlight, since some times (most of the time) I’m in a dark classroom. But this sounds so lovely! You have such a wonderful life. Hope you had a fantastic day today!x

    • Dear B, thank you for such a lovely message, I really do appreciate my morning ‘me-time’. The dark winter hours can feel so mean, but they don’t last forever darling.. spring always follows winter, it sometimes helps to remember that! Sending you love & courage, especially for the early starts!! Blessings, Hxx

      • It does sound wonderful. And I think the winter is cosy, when you’re inside, close to a warm fire, under a blanket with some hot chocolate, but besides that it’s a rather nasty season, to me.
        And thank you, I’ll keep that in mind! Lots of love and hugs back! x

  3. California misses you Goldy Locks! Also, your genuine, kind, sweet, happy, sassy, classy, generous, adventurous, daring, and amazing heart! Above all, you’re unforgettable!!! ❤ E

  4. Thank you for sharing your morning with us.When I wake up everyday, I check my twitter, and hope to see your good morning posts here 🙂

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