Good morning & a cup of wisdom

Happy Monday everyone!! : )) This morning I woke slowly drifting into consciousness, still feeling fatigued after a busy weekend and several consecutive late nights, and yet ready to embrace the structure and productivity of the weekday awaiting. I lay in bed noticing the thoughts that struck me; a change in direction and a shift in perspective, and I smiled as I stretched, feeling positive. I sent love to those I care about, before kicking off the duvet and descending the stairs in search of coffee. It’s a rather cloudy here start here in London, the bright, sunny blue skies of yesterday have been swept away for another cool, damp, day in November; but the wind ripples playfully through the leaves in the trees, that are hastily shedding, and it’s not currently raining.

I sat on the sofa with my latte, reflecting on the weekend; a theatre trip with my family, celebratory drinks, a delightful dinner and the pleasure of driving home through the quiet streets in the small hours, a beautiful walk on the Heath with a fellow alumni, catching up on years of our stories, and supper in the favourite bistro, always fun with charming company. So feeling blessed, I don’t mind the fatigue that stubbornly persists, and decide it’s a double latte kinda start to the week, indulging again as I review my list and plan my day. I’m focusing on alternative aspects of some projects I’m working on, and things feel fresh and exciting, as I pursue different avenues with renewed motivation.

I hope that your week starts well, and finds you smiling. Sometimes a simple shift in our view can have such a powerful effect on our attitude, and that’s what makes all the difference! Blessings & love, Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited.. but I’d love this mug for my morning cup of wisdom! : )) }

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