Good morning!

Good morning everyone!! Today I woke early-ish despite a late night, drifting gently from dreams into wakefulness, where I landed on the pillow with the feeling that patience is key.. it’s my lesson, I’m learning, slowly, making lots of mistakes along the way, and therefore must be patient with myself also. I languished in the white fluffy cloud that is my bed amongst a plethora of pillows, praying and wishing; which really aren’t the same thing. I prayed to be that woman who is patient, kind, resilient, compassionate, gentle, understanding, forgiving, brave and strong enough for what she wishes for, with the grace to accept whatever is given; yet I wished on a bitten lip just for a chance to be that woman, despite all my faults and impatience, sharp tongue and impudence. Then I stretched my full length, my hamstrings reminding me of the recent miles I’ve run, as I pushed my heels through the gap in the bedstead; so I massaged my shins for a few moments before sending love to people I care about and got up for coffee.

Beautiful blue skies smiled through the window, a cheerful sight that prompted me to turn on the radio and have a little bop around the kitchen as I folded the laundry and made some coffee. I have new neighbours opposite, but I think they’re probably getting used to me! Then I ran a bath and sat on at the top of the stairs to fire off a few emails (I’ve flooded the lounge twice before, so I tend to stay in earshot, so I don’t forget the water till it’s overflowed the bath tub). My Mum rang with news of her latest cruise (bad weather, but lovely people) and her upcoming birthday, and then I sank into the steamy water awaiting, laced with fragrant oils of jasmine and geranium. I let go of the tension in my neck, and the slight headache threatening my temples dissipated in the steam; lifting my legs to submerge my face I lay listening to my heart, and heard it giggling; oh the little things, impudent indeed!

As I write the clouds have rolled in, just another grey autumnal day; but I’m keeping that sunshine smiling inside of me, because every day is a chance to make it better for someone. Now I really must dash as I’m running late for clinic and have some errands to run en route, so I’m going to hot foot it to the tube with my smile turned bright on. I hope you have a beautiful day, and that something dances with your heart too ♥ Blessings & love, Hxx

4 thoughts on “Good morning!

  1. Everyday is a chance to make it better for someone… I love this! Thank you for sharing your heart, your feelings, and making your blog so wonderful & inspiring for all us to read. Love and sending you a gigantic squeeze!!! ❤ E

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