Words unsaid

Have you ever wondered which hurts the most: saying something and wishing you had not, or saying nothing, and wishing you had?

I think for me it’s the things I wish I’d said but didn’t quite manage to utter; those words that stuck in my throat for fear of being quickly dismissed, or simply glossed over, or stared at sorrowfully, or even smiled at pityingly; but that still meant what they would have said.

Those words that were afraid to cause pain or distress, yet held within them a truth unconfessed. Those words that might have been a soothing balm, yet were too afraid in case they were the cause of harm. Those words that wanted to ring clear and true, amid the mists obscuring the view.

Those words that wanted to fly up my throat, force through my tonsils, slide down my tongue and quickly escape, leaping to expression; yet were imprisoned securely, incase they were a mistake. They stuck in my teeth momentarily biting my tongue, before slinking away to from whence they came, sliding back down to my heart, to wait patiently, for another chance.
~ Hxx

{Picture sadly uncredited via Pinterest, Words ~Hayley Darby 31.Aug.2012}

9 thoughts on “Words unsaid

  1. “Saying something and wishing you hadn’t or saying nothing and wishing you had”…? You bring up the most fascinating questions to start my day pondering Hayley. Thank you. xo

  2. I agree with you. I myself have been regretting this kind a lot. There were so many moments when I realized that I should’ve said something, but instead just kept silent. The words fighting to come out, but I just keeping my mouth shut.
    If only I could turn back time.
    Thank you, for writing yet another beautiful post. Can’t wait to read your next one
    lots of love xxx

  3. For awhile in my youth I blamed my thyroid cancer on words I could have said that I left “trapped” in my throat. With time and age, I am grateful for those unspoken words. For so very many important aspects of my life would not exist if they had been voiced. And as always, you encourage us to thoughtfully examine our lives. For which I, among many, am grateful.

    • Dear Jean, thank you for your lovely message, I wholeheartedly agree some things are certainly best left unsaid, but it’s those that deserve voice yet remain silent I regret. However, circumstances change, and with knowledge gained, the importance of some things fade. Wishing you well, with blessings & love, Hxx

  4. As of late I have been finding myself sharing more and more…realizing that it is the only true way I can flow with the eternal being of love and light I Am. I have found most people are happy to receive such richness of expression. Although there are times when I feel someone back away, because there was an essence in my words that perhaps they were not ready to accept about the greatness of love in themselves. But I am still glad I shared the love I see in them, rather than not have shared.
    Victoria Rose

    • Dear Victoria Rose, thank you for following me on the blog too! I’m a great believer in the value of sharing honestly, so that I would expect to regret more those words said at times when my mouth opened without sufficient thought to monitor, and as time passes I realise that the words remaining unsaid will surface if they find the moment for expression meant for them. Mostly, I’m just rather impatient!! Blessings & love to you, Hxx

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