Good morning Sunshine!

Good morning everyone!! It’s another beautiful sunny start to the day in London, and as I pulled back the curtains, beautiful blue skies smiled back at me, with just a single vapour trail to pique my wanderlust.. OK, I know, it doesn’t take much! Truth be told, I’m ready to escape London for a while, and yesterday some rather gorgeous-looking travel plans were scuppered abruptly. Although I was initially disappointed, and would still dearly love to spend a couple of months writing in Paris, perhaps the timing isn’t quite right and there are things here that I need to address, or maybe a story here that needs to be fully lived, before it can be written.

So this morning I’m feeling positive, and as I sit contemplating the clouds in my coffee, I’m mentally writing a ‘to do’ list that’s already about 3 feet long ~sigh!~. I’m tempted to delay the paperwork and skip off to the gym for a run, but a better idea creeps in, since the day is too beautiful to ignore, so I’m wrapping up warmly and heading up to the heath for a large helping of fresh air and sunshine. And as I wander the familiar pathways of my heart, amongst the trees that have stood for centuries, I’m going to focus on staying in the moment, paying close attention to the details, so that I can appreciate it fully and be grateful for being right where I’m meant to be.. for the time being, anyway!

I hope you have a beautiful day too, and that something wonderful reminds you that your life is unfolding just as it’s meant to, even if that doesn’t make complete sense in the present. Blessings & love, and sunny smiles ♥ Hxx

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