Good morning!

Good morning /afternoon everyone! Today I woke late, seriously late, and noticing the sunlight pressing against the curtains, got up quickly, grabbing a robe on my way downstairs for coffee. It’s a beautiful start to the day in London, with bright blue skies that highlight the autumnal hues of the leaves as they shimmer in the breeze. It’s also rather fresh, with a distinct chill in the air, which makes me pull the robe tightly round my shoulders. I made a perfect latte, and sat on the awesome sofa to address some emails and correspondence, noticing how the sunlight pours through the window, spilling over the sofa and into a puddle on the floor. I dipped my toe in, feeling the warmth caress my skin, as memories of summer flooded my thoughts.

My home is blissfully quiet, a mews house, tucked away and shielded from the noise of the nearby high street by several red brick buildings, of similar Victorian design. As I contemplate the clouds in my coffee, the only sounds I hear are the clock ticking and the leaves rustling in the tree outside the window; but if I close my eyes I can hear the sea calling. My mind wanders down the beach, flirting with the shoreline as I breathe in the rich possibility that hangs in the salty breeze. My feet sink in the sand, as the water fills the evidence of my journey behind me. Then I wonder why my life feels so stifled in London currently; and I realize it’s because I no longer hope for what I wished before. This void that exists, this empty space that feels bereft and foreign in familiar surroundings, is just an acceptance; no longer the searing pain of crushing disappointment, but a turning point, a fresh start waiting to happen. It’s like a blank page, without map or direction, clean and clear, depending on just my internal compass.. and then I notice the doodle I have been absent-mindedly sketching in the corner and wonder why my heart is so stubborn. So I screw the paper up and aim it at the bin (missed! I’m rubbish) and start again.. a blank page waiting to happen!

I hope that your week starts well, a fresh canvas for you to paint as you choose those dreams and emotions waiting to happen. Be bold, use bright colours, apply with passion, and if you make a mistake, just paint over it again, with sunshine! Blessings & hugs, Hxx

10 thoughts on “Good morning!

  1. I’m at a turning point in my life too. I am looking at my blank page as a new adventure I can’t wait to write. I love reading your posts and realizing I am not alone. It wasn’t easy to get here, but I am ready for it.

  2. Paint, and repaint, with Sunshine!! I absolutely love this message. It reminds me of you ‘Goldie Loc’. Always sharing the love, planting seeds, and leaving new found hope to blossom:-) Xxs.<3 E

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