Courage.. is what I crave when I feel like a little girl standing on the edge, wondering if I’m good enough. When I’m wondering if I can take another failure, or whether right now I’m feeling too fragile to bounce back from the pain and disappointment. It’s waiting for me when I’m feeling stuck, trapped by my fears, frustrated and impatient with myself, when I’m ready to hear the kind, gentle, understanding voice in my head of encouragement.

Courage is the reassurance required to convince me that it’s worth the risk, and a reminder that my value is not wrapped up in my achievements or popularity, but that strong sense of self and what I believe to be right and true. I find courage when I look at how far I have come, and how far I have to go; remembering the lessons learned, and acknowledging my resilience, as well as my determination to get to where I am going.

Courage reminds me that my biggest fear is the thought of getting to the end of my life and wondering if I risked enough, was brave enough to fully embrace every aspect wholeheartedly, and that I appreciated the necessity of lessons termed ‘failures’. Courage is the little prayer that places a gentle hand on my shoulder as I step forward, and smiles at my humanness, with love.

~Hayley Darby

{Photo sadly not credited, via Pinterest. Words ~Hayley Darby 26.Sept.2012}

8 thoughts on “Courage..

  1. I honestly feel some days you meander through my mind and take the words right out of there for me to read them in someone else’s language….which can make more sense then the jumble they can be within my thoughts!!

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