Good Morning!

Good morning everyone! Today I woke late, gently drifting between dreams and wakefulness as I lay at the shoreline. I let the waves playfully engulf me then watched them recede, each time feeling the sandy beach become more solid beneath me. Eventually I shifted my gaze from the glittering water and found my iphone somewhere on the floor behind me, bearing the news that the time to get up was an hour ago. I stretched my legs to push my toes into the brass of the bedstead, before swinging them round to sit on the side of the bed and roll my neck, before grabbing my robe and descending the stairs in search of coffee.

I greeted the day with its blue skies with white fluffy clouds with a smile, as the light filled the house with cheerfulness, and sat with my latte on the awesome sofa to contemplate the day. Faced with two choices between responsibilities and the utterly irresponsible, today I chose the former, so I can be reckless tomorrow, and I ran a hot bath infused with oils of bergamot and rosemary to wash away the fatigue clinging stubbornly around my eyes. I lay for a while wondering about an idea I have been mulling over for a little while, daring myself and weighing up the consequences as I stared at my feet resting on the taps. And I wondered how keeping our ankles out of hot water makes us feel cooler, probably something to do with the veins near the surface; before sinking my head below the surface to listen to my heart.

My heart is longing for adventure, and shows me great pools of potential that I have yet to dip my toe in, it laughs at my hesitancy, since some things aren’t ‘if’ but ‘when’, and the thought thrills me as courage sits and grins, patiently. I emerged from the water, letting the weight of wet hair pull my head back before sitting to wipe my eyes and see my dreams in the steam, before catching a glimpse of the huge clock on the landing. Time is ticking by and waits for no-one, so today I’m acknowledging the process that precedes the chaos I’m considering, and rushing to get ready for work, and a sensible day.

I do hope that your day is beautiful, and that if you’re being sensible too, that it’s only a temporary phase you’re going through, because life is too short anyway! Blessings & love ♥ Hxx

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