A black dress day

I wore a black dress and red nail polish.
I worked late at the clinic, seriously late.
I played our elimination ball game in team fitness (I’m rubbish!).
I was happy to help someone lovely.
I was sad about an ending, and glad about a beginning.
I was reminded of a chance meeting 20 years ago.
I forgot to reply to a text received yesterday.
I was grateful for people who brightened my day.
I was disappointed that I missed someone.
I learnt how to operate some new software.
I taught someone about dietary influences on hormone fluctuations.
I appreciated the gift of some divine dark chocolate.
I was appreciated for helping a friend find something.
I was given advice about a neat ipad feature.
I recommended two of my favourite books.
I laughed with an old friend over nonsense.
I cried over a thoughtful note, left for me to find.
I spoke words I wish to say to someone else.
I listened to sorrow and difficulties.
I wished on the crescent of a new moon.
I thanked my lucky stars.
I lived another day of my life.
I loved it all with my broken heart and a hopeful lop-sided grin.
Tonight I will dream again…

♥ Blessings & love, Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited, via Pinterest, words ~Hayley Darby 22.June.2012}

10 thoughts on “A black dress day

    • Dear Rachel, thanks you for such a lovely message, I really appreciate your kind compliment. The books I recommended in this instance were Portofino by Frank Schaeffer, a tender account of a boy growing up in a missionary family in the 60’s, with all the embarrassment and humour it encompasses as they holiday in chic Portofino. The other was Breath by Tim Winton, a tale of teenage realisations, chasing dreams, disappointment, adrenalin, and surfing, with beautiful descriptions of the natural landscape of Australia. Blessings, Hxx

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