Miracles happen..

Today I have had the most fun lunch, and wonderful afternoon with my ‘Goddess girls’, my ‘Sex and The City’ equivalents, who are gorgeous glamorous girls that I adore. We met at ‘The Electric’, a fun lively brasserie in Portobello, scoring a cosy booth at the back amidst laughter and chatter to catch up on news. We discussed the usual; men, work, domestic appliances (really!!?!), and being modern women in the 21st century.

It was some time into the afternoon, once we had polished off our ‘Egg Florentines and Royales’, risotto, and mint tea, that our ‘Charlotte’ calmly announced the news that has made my heart practically burst with gratitude. This wonderful friend, a beautiful, kind, thoughtful, sensitive soul was informed some years ago that she would never bear a child. She is a much-adored godmother and favourite aunty, and simply one of the most maternal creatures you could expect to meet. She decided that despite her early menopause (<40 yrs), her single situation, and living in London continents away from her family, that if God meant her to be a mother, as she firmly believed, that she would find a way to facilitate this blessing. She invested in fertility, undergoing turbulent hormone therapy for many months, only to be told that this was insufficient to prepare her body to conceive and carry a child. Although initially daunted, she couldn’t give up her dream, and this determined belief in her role of motherhood, gave her the strength and courage to pursue greater expense and discomfort, despite being informed that her chances of falling pregnant were approximately 0.05%, that’s half a percent, 1/200 chance, on top of which, she could barely afford one shot at it.

Today she patiently let us gabble on about new homes, fridge freezers, washing machines, kisses, fashion, careers, study, dinner parties, dates, and all manner of things; before she calmly stood to reveal her 16 week bump, of the miracle baby residing within her ♥ You can only begin to imagine the joy and shock, tears and laughter, and jumping up and down at our already noisy table, as we celebrated her beautiful blessing. This woman will be the most wonderful mother, and as her friends we are so grateful that her dreams will finally be realized. Don’t imagine for one moment that she has the privileges one would associate with her journey, she has worked hard and diligently to move across the world, in a gentle, persevering manner to chase her dreams. Her faith has given her courage through the dark disappointments, and strength to endure much hard work, and hardship; I’m so proud to count her as a friend, and love her dearly, she’s such an inspiration; never underestimate God’s grace and a woman on a mission, a truly formidable combination! ♥ Hugs, Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited via Pinterest, Words ~Hayley Darby 4.Dec.2011}

8 thoughts on “Miracles happen..

  1. Wow and beautiful to the mum to be!when one chases a dream,the dream will not let you down,so its up to us to make our choices on the dream

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