We write..

We write to taste life twice. ~Anais Nin

For me journalling isn’t just about documenting my day, or capturing the memories, or even about acknowledging my emotional connections to events and the feelings I become aware of. Since I have been writing this blog, I notice things differently, I savour the description of things as they happen as I note the words and feelings evoked to share in my writing. It also causes me to reflect more deeply yet somehow more objectively, since if I am to describe it to readers, it at least has to make partial sense, enabling me to unravel the raw emotions, noticing how they are woven together to create the tapestry I see in my heart. Through my writing I have learnt to acknowledge the thoughts and dreams that swirl round my head, and appreciate the richness of life as I live it. I am more likely to follow my heart since I listen more attentively and feel more gratitude for the love that I witness.. We all have our stories, they are more than just a reminder of what happened, but help us to make sense of our lives, teach us and encourage us, and connect us to each other ♥ Thank you for being the reason I started to write this page, it has changed the way I live my life, and I will always be grateful ♥ Blessings & love, Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited, words ~Hayley Darby, 14.May.2012}

2 thoughts on “We write..

  1. I love what you said that stories are more than just reminders of what really happened, that they serve to make sense, teach and encourage us. You write with effortless grace. You have such a calm and serene soul. Thank you for sharing this.

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