The road ahead..

As I prepare for bed, I find myself contemplating the twists and turns of the road travelled in the journey of my life. There have been moments of great joy, beautiful scenery and sunshine, yet there have been seemingly endless dark stretches where the fuel of hope was harder to find. The amazing thing is, the road continued despite my fears and apprehension, although it was dark, I managed to stay on track, and gradually the light came back, like the dawn of a new day. It’s amazing how different twists reveal by turn more beauty, love, happiness with patches of difficulty, and heartbreak. In the same way the light of our moods change, as we navigate our route through unchartered territory. I guess what this metaphor is trying to say is that we must enjoy the sunshine and the wonderful scenery, and fill our hearts with the memories of love and happiness to draw on for hope when it gets dark and we feel like we’re losing our way; because at any moment a change in direction can bring us back into beautiful terrain. However dark it gets, the sun will always rise again, and in the meantime it might help to turn on the radio, and try to sing along, for courage until we emerge from the darkness again. Good night, Hxx

{Photo sadly uncredited, words by Hayley Darby 20.July.2011}

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