Some days

Some days ~Hayley Darby

Some days we just feel defeated, you know that beat feeling when we don’t think there’s any fight left, or we’ve forgotten what we’re fighting for.. and what we think was upsetting us we realise is just a casualty of the cross fire in a bigger picture, and if this doesn’t make sense, I’m not sure that it’s meant to.

Some days we’re just tired, and nothing really makes sense, and our hearts just ache, but they don’t break because they were broken before, but the pieces feel battered and bruised, like they’ve been trampled upon, and we’re cross with ourselves all over again, but none of it makes any difference.

Some days we wonder why we’re struggling with the same old stuff, over and over again; the lessons we are striving to learn, the difficult paths we persist in taking, the mistakes we keep repeating, and the unending search for our raison d’ etre amidst the debris of the blunders we have made before.

Some days we think it’s all just ridiculous, that life is surely meant to be simpler than this, and that maybe running away with the circus wasn’t such a bad idea, if only we were young again and had it all ahead of us; wouldn’t that be fun? Daring trapeze acts, funny sad clowns, dancing elephants, and loveable lions.

Some days we just have to take a deep breath.. know that it’s a moment in time, search deep within for that spark that endures in the dark, that part of our soul that won’t let go of the possibility. And we have to make sure that we know where we are, and what we hope for, because that is just part of who we are.

Some days when we’re least expecting it, in the middle of an ordinary life, at some perfectly random time, when we’re busy just getting on with getting through it; something so small it’s almost imperceptible, just a hint of a glance of an almost nothing, gives us something to smile about, and it’s a wonderful world all over again.

{Photo sadly uncredited at source, words by me, 26.April.2012}

20 thoughts on “Some days

  1. Wow Hayley….. you could not have written more perfect words for me to resonate with this morning. Thank you as always for sharing your gift of writing and language. x

  2. Some days I am just so glad I found your blog, because you always seem to express how I feel and reading it is so comforting, there’s just something about the way you write. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this, it’s a pleasure to read.

    May I suggest that if you can add different taps at the top (beside the home/about) with various categories of topics it’d be easier for us to find 🙂 Just a suggestion 🙂

    • Thanks so much EC, I really appreciate your kind feedback. There are some categories in the column on the right hand side (under archives) on the home page, which may help, and I do tag the posts, which are listed at the end of the text. Hope this helps.. it’s still very much a work in progress, so I might change the format again soon! Hxx

  3. Hayley,
    I always enjoy reading your posts on Facebook….. so glad you directed us to this blog. Your writing always strikes a chord in my heart. Some days are hard…it is comforting to know others have those same kind of hard days.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful self with others.

    • Dear Rena, thank you so much for your lovely message, I really appreciate that you’re following me here too! I’m very grateful for your kind words, some days compliments lift our spirits 🙂 Blessings & love to you, Hxx

  4. Hayley,
    I always enjoy reading your posts on Facebook… glad you directed us here!
    Your writing is always wonderful and so often speaks directly to my heart.

    Some days…… like today.

    Thank you for sharing yourself with everyone. You are good for my soul.

  5. Needed this today. We all know everyone has tough days, but you expressed it beautifully here and it’s nice to feel you are not alone in feeling this way sometimes. Thank you for always nourishing our hearts 🙂

  6. This about sums up my life at the moment 😦 loving The Blog Hayley, sorry I haven’t commented before but have been watching and reading X X X Hugs and blessings H X X X

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