Good morning!

Good morning everyone!! Today I woke early, settling gently on the shore of consciousness amid the morning mist, and opened my hand to release the threads of dreams as the tide washed them away. For a while I wondered what had woken me, it was barely light and I’d had a late night, although nothing sprang to mind, yet I could not fall asleep again. I got up, grabbed a robe and some cosy socks, and sat on the doorstep with my coffee to watch the dawn creep in. It was a misty start to the day in London, and the damp air was cool and refreshing, I pulled my robe tightly around my shoulders and listened to the quietness; a water feature trickling in a neighbours garden, the gentle chatter of birds, and a squirrel rustling the leaves in the tree. I love early mornings, and admit it’s a while since I’ve witnessed that peaceful hour, when one can imagine the privilege is exclusive, whilst the rest of the world remains asleep. Then in an ungrateful moment, I silently wished I was at the beach, and as I closed my eyes, became aware of the ache that resides in a hollow somewhere.

I returned to the warmth, enjoying breakfast on the awesome sofa; a steaming bowl of hot porridge with banana and Greek yoghurt, almonds and cinnamon. I flicked through some correspondence, getting distracted as the hours slipped by, and wondered how that happened. So I’m running a bath as I write, with oils of geranium and jasmine, to wash away the fatigue that tugs at my temples, and soak in the possibilities of the day still stretching ahead of me. I’m embracing the day with a smile and positivity, because really anything could happen, anything at all! I hope you have a beautiful day, and that your ‘anything’ is wonderful! Love & blessings, Hxx

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