Courage is required..


Courage ~Hayley Darby

Courage is required..
To grab life with both hands,
To yell ‘what the hell’,
To jump right in,
And just deal with the consequences.

Courage is required..
To travel,
To fall in love,
To step out of your comfort zone,
And sometimes just to get out of bed.

Courage is required..
To admit your mistakes,
To address your failings,
To become comfortable with yourself,
And let other people see who you really are.

Courage is required..
To dream,
To chase those dreams,
To hang in there, when the going gets tough,
And quite simply just never give up!

Have courage ♥ Hxx
{Photo uncredited at source; poem by me: Hayley Darby – 29.Jan.2012}

12 thoughts on “Courage is required..

    • Dear Angelica, thank you for your lovely compliment, please do feel free to share and if you use either via the reblog button on wordpress, or the ‘share’ option on the FB page it helps other people find my work too. I would really appreciate it if you credit me as the author. Thank you so much! Blessings & love, Hxx

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