I wonder..

Imagine.. if you could choose your mood each day, like getting dressed every morning, you could choose which feelings you were going to wear; so that your experiences were perceived in the manner you had chosen. Imagine if everyone you met had a kind heart, and that any poor manners or sharp words only occurred when they were feeling insecure and afraid; and that their painful experiences had shaped their fear, and the kind experiences had built their trust and capacity to express love. Imagine if we were all just souls stuck on the same planet, dealing with whatever stuff was necessary to learn the lessons we were given for this lifetime, that we could see that most interactions were more about how we perceive ourselves rather than each other. Imagine being able to rise above all the petty, small minded, annoying irritations of every day life because we realise it’s just ‘stuff’ we manufacture to distract ourselves from bigger issues we are afraid to tackle, or that we are simply caught up in the threads of someone else’s story that’s not actually reality, just a view point anyway… imagine, what a wonderful world we live in ♥ Blessings, Hxx

15 thoughts on “I wonder..

  1. I would like to think that I do choose, or attempt to choose, to be positive every single day! Some days I lose sight of it, most days I don’t. 🙂

  2. In recent times I’ve made the decision to choose to really live and enjoy my life. I finally dumped the last vestiges of negativity in me. I am happy. I live my life every day. I say “Please” and “Thank you”. I smile, but it’s a consequence of seeing beauty and goodness most everywhere. I have to make it through this world, and so does everyone else. Most people are okay.

    I write my own story. My latest volume is that I’m a fashion photographer. It’s great! I’m working like crazy to be successful at it, while working a full time job, attending my family, and making sure my 14y.o. daughter sees an honorable way to live.

    Thank you for your writings, and thank you too for the beautiful photos you post! It helps knowing I’m not completely alone.

    • Dear Graham, thank YOU so much for following Pure Nourishment here as well as on FB, I really appreciate you. I love that you have taken the brave steps of following your heart into photography, and wish you every success with all that you do. Keep happy : )) Blessings & love, Hxx

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