Happy Monday!

Good morning everyone!! Today I woke late, emerging from a dream of confusing conversations, and lay for a while processing some thoughts, pondering my options. Responsibility soon rushed in with a list of things I really must achieve today, so I sighed and stretched, sent love to those I care about, and got up to greet the day. It’s a cloudy start to the week here in London, although the rain has stopped, dampness hangs in the air with the smell of autumn. The leaves are turning golden, but the white geraniums still pepper the window boxes and terracotta pots that line the balcony, amidst the fading greenery.

I started the day with a hot zesty lime drink rather than coffee, I have been feeling a little run down of late, adjusting to the season, so I’m making health a priority. I sat on the sofa and wrote out my ‘to do’ list; one column for urgent, and one for important, the things we easily neglect when we’re busy. It’s too easy to focus on those items that demand our immediate attention; deadlines, bill payments, etc. and squeeze out the important things like exercise, relationships, and personal growth. So I’m peppering my day with important things like a walk on the heath, sending cards via snail mail, and ten minutes of meditation.

Monday isn’t usually the most popular day, but I rather like it as it’s always an opportunity for a fresh start, and to begin the week with positive approach. So I’m wishing you a beautiful day, and hope you’re smiling : )) Blessings & love, Hxx

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