Good Morning!

Good morning everyone!! Today I woke early, too early, to the sound of rain drumming on the roof, and bouncing off the window sill. I lay still in the darkness listening, and felt as if each heavy drop were pinning me to the mattress, unable to move as it persistently hammered down, thrashing the trees. Sleep soon reclaimed me, and when I woke again several hours later the silence surprised me, the downpour had ceased completely and I fought the urge to slip back into dreams again. Tempted to return to that state where everything makes sense and nothing feels undone or broken.

I got up for coffee, the anticipation of a comforting soy latte, tempting me out from the snuggly duvet, and wrapping a robe tightly around me, descended the stairs to open the door and greet the day. I stood for a moment, breathing in the rainy fragrance, and letting the breeze that rustles the leaves tickle my face, as I smiled at the sky. It’s a beautiful autumnal morning, and the sun slips through the clouds to illuminate the trees that stand majestically next to my home.

I ran a hot bath, a soaked for a while in aromatic oils of jasmine and geranium, contemplating my life and the paths I’ve chosen. I’m starting to listen to advice friends keep giving (stubborn, moi? ) and gradually trusting the creative process to guide me in a new direction. Sometimes I wish I was more easily satisfied, but I know that the struggles I face are part of a process, to guide and shape me. I’m determined to make my life count, and whilst I’m trying to figure out how, I guess I’m becoming the person who can achieve it. Fingers crossed .

Meanwhile, I’m looking forward to the day, I have a lunch scheduled with my friend and colleague DC, (since we don’t seem to cross paths often enough despite only living around the corner from each other). I have plenty of paperwork to be getting on with, and know I’ll feel better once it’s finished, and several patients I’m looking forward to seeing. So I’m going to wish you a beautiful day, and get ready for work, and smile at the possibilities.. anything could happen! Love & blessings, Hxx

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